SEO Through Blogs & Feeds

SEO Through Blogs & Feeds

24th February 2011

Mikkel deMib Svendsen, Creative Director, & Andrew Girdwood, Media Innovations Director, bigmouthmedia are always good value and they had a session on feeds, xml & blogging in general.

It was a bitty session but a few good take aways.
1. XML might be the right technical solution, but let marketing drive that decision not the technology
2. IF you don’t use RSS feeds people are going to miss your best content.
3. Set up a page on your site explaining how your feeds work, the chances are they won’t understand how they work.
4. If you want to avoid duplication when people syndicate your feed, use partial feeds
5. If you’re using product feeds, consider having different content for your partners
6. XML site map isn’t that different to a html site map it’s just written using a different mark up
7. XML sitemaps can be a great way to get your content indexed, but then you don’t know which pages have problems
8. Don’t start a blog unless you really like the topic
9. 125*125 adverts aren’t a good way to monetise your content you’re much better with 300×250
10. Rather than run affiliate banners on their own use an ad server like Openx
11. Legally better off post moderating comments than pre-moderating
12. You need to know about the changes about ASA
13. Yahoo Pipes is amazing please don’t kill it Yahoo


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Kelvin Newman is Creative Director at SiteVisibility and specialises in achieving natural search results and producing link-worthy online content, working with a variety of brands including the RSPCA & uSwitch.
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