SEO Tools for Pulling Rank – SES New york 2012 #SESny

SEO Tools for Pulling Rank – SES New york 2012 #SESny

22nd March 2012

No sooner is one SES over than another begins. This time, it’s SES New York 2012! Many of the New York sessions follow a similar programme to that of SES London in February (see our SES London 2012 coverage) but with a new set of speakers there is always something new to learn.

My standout session from Day 1 was without a doubt ‘The Tools of the Trade for SEO’. Even though a similar session was covered in London, a new set of speakers means a new set of tools and maybe something new for you to look at.

Duane Forrester, Senior Program Manager, Bing
Todd Friesen, SEO Consultant,
T.R. Harrington, Chief Operating Officer, Darwin Marketing
Michael King, SEO Manager, Publicis Modem

SEO Tools for Pulling Rank @ipullrank

A fast paced whistle stop Peta Kucha style tour of SEO Tools with the Great Michael King of Publicis Modem. A mammoth list but the final point of the session was that the best tool you can use for SEO is the one between your ears – YOUR BRAIN!

  • Screaming Frog – nuff said
  • Scraper for Chrome – scrape anything from a page and export to Google Docs
  • HTTPFox – check response codes of HTTP requests for 301, 302, 404
  • Page Speed Plug in – Get actionable insights about issues with page speed
  • Keyword Eye – visualise keyword research
  • Soovle – keyword research using Suggest for the main engines
  • Ubersuggest – keyword research using Google Suggest
  • Scrapebox – known for black hat but can have white hat applications
  • SEOGadget – forget about Adwords keyword tool
  • GoFish – real time keyword research made by Michael himself
  • SEOTools (by Niels Bosma) Scrape pages, get link and social metrics
  • ImportXML – for Google Docs – scrape pages, use API’s
  • Link Research Tools – what it says on the tin!
  • Link Detective – Crawl links, classify by type
  • Searchmetrics Essentials – quickest way to understand what competitors are doing
  • Keyword Love – “I probably should have patented this”
  • @TomAnthonySEO – cool code for tracking social networks
  • Google Analytics De-bugger – custom variables
  • Facebook Ad Creator – audience version of Adwords Keyword Tool
  • Facebook Insights
  • DoubleClick Ad Planner – demographic insights per domain
  • The SEER Method – pull Twitter followers using SimplyMeasured + Majestic SEO +ahrefs

For InfoGraphics

  • World Government Data – for data
  • Google Public Data – as above
  • – create charts and graphics without the need for a designer
  • Dipity – create interactive timelines from data and images
  • StoryBird – create interactive books from data

Other Link Data Sources

  • Blekko
  • Link diagnosis
  • Open Graph Helper –  check your open graph data is optimal length
  • Wirify – make wireframes for the DEV Team
  • STAT – use the Codex to check for fluctuations when Google makes announcements
  • Know Em – social media research link prospects
  • MentionMapp – find the influencers
  • Ontolo – automated link prospecting
  • If that then this ifttt – auto tweets based on influencer activity
  • Rapportive – user social profiles
  • Boomerang – schedule emails
  • Zemanta – content network that integrates WordPress
  • Manage WP – multiple management for Blogs

Full slides available here

Breaking Rocks in a ‘non Google’ World – SEO Tools for overseas – T.R. Harrington

China, Russia, Korea, Japan – all significantly large markets that you may try to target at some point.  There are a lot less tools for international markets which can be challenging particularly for keyword research. So How do you monitor SERPS, ranking, social signals, links, what sort of keywords you should be focussing on and what is driving user behaviour?

T.R. Harrington from Darwin Marketing discusses Baidu, Yandex and Naver and gives some handy hints for tools to use when targeting non Google markets.

  • Ranking Monitoring – Advanced Web Ranking
  • Baidu Insights – monitoring Baidu’s Brandzone
  • Update analyser – SERPS
  • Super Manager – ranking monitoring
  • Yandex Webmaster Tools
  • Master Ghost – link monitor

Bing Web Manager Tools Duane Forrester

How many people are using Bing Webmaster Tools? (not very many of the audience raised their hands either) – how many are using Google Webmaster Tools?  (most hands raised). So the question asked was – ‘Why are you not using both sets?’

Quick Stats

  • There are over 55 Million who use Bing for search exclusively
  • Searchers that come from Bing convert 4% higher than other search engines
  • Searchers are 24% more likely to convert than the average searcher
  • Bing have over 30% market share

The message is that you cannot be ignoring this anymore, so if you haven’t signed up to Bing Webmaster Tools, you may want to check out the recent overhaul.

For starters, Bing Webmaster Tools now pull in organic data direct from Bing. 6 months of historical data available which means that keyword research is no longer limited to the last 30 days of data.

There are many other new features – to check them out go to:

Tools and Interpretation of Data – Todd Friesen

All the tools out in the market are essentially ‘data gatherers’. The question is what you are actually doing with that data, and how you evaluate the information.

You need to organise, store the data, As such, Todd gave us a brief overview of QlikView – not an SEO tool per se, but a very useful Business intelligence tool that you can use in any industry to analyse any data. It’s free for personal use.

For more information visit:


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