SEOkomm, the first SEO conference in Austria

SEOkomm, the first SEO conference in Austria

21st November 2010

“A cocktail of business conference (like SES or SMX) and hardcore “underground” SEO event (like SEO Campixx)”, that’s how I would describe the first Austrian SEO conference SEOkomm, which took place last Thursday, the 18th of November. 270 attendees from Austria, Germany and even North-Italy visited the sessions, which were divided in two tracks: a SEO practice track and a business strategy & white hat track.

Marcus “Mediadonis” Tandler started the conference with his “big surprise” session, which turned out to be a session about advanced linkbuilding for affiliates.  Marcus’ message: Don’t focus too much on links with keyword anchor texts. Especially on high traffic money keywords (like loans for example) websites, with brand anchor text backlinks dominate the serps!

Another highlight was the session of Marco Janck, also known as “seonaut”, founder and organizer of the SEO Campixx. Marco, once again, proved that he is one of the most creative SEO’s in Germany with his presentation about Guerilla Link Building. Marco showed the audience how to use creative (guerilla marketing) ideas from the offline world for online link building. The key of success is a good planning and organization. Define your goals, define your keywords and define your landing pages or satellite domains before the campaign starts.

Fabian Rossbacher demonstrated some tools used by the dark side of the force in his blackhat presentation. Although his presentation was really good and great fun, I always think it is dangerous to show a big audience the use of such tools.  I’m feeling sorry for the poor Austrian forum- and blog owners who will probably face a lot of spam in the next weeks because of attendees trying out these tools. I’ll better not mention them here 🙂

A little black, but not as dangerous for other people was the session of Dominik Wojcik also known as “Evil SEO”. “I’ll teach you how to fish, but I’ll not tell you where the fish is.” Dominik explained in his session the basics on how to build a system to find and grab expired domains. Especially the grabbing feature however requires high level technical knowledge and speed, which makes it impossible for most people in the audience to build such a thing. For those Dominik suggests to use services like (of our State of Search colleague Bastian Grimm) or and or Snapnames.

The last panel of the day, titled “Extreme SEO – Black / White / Crap / WhatHat?”, with Christoph Cemper , Marcus Tandler, Dominik Wojcik, Uwe Tippmann, Jens “mr. Inhouse SEO” Fauldrath and myself as moderator was a fun session. I tried to get some secret SEO tips from the panel offering them a cocktail of Vodka and Spam Energy Drink, but unfortunately they didn’t reveal much.

SEO Band

The conference finished with an awesome “SEOkomm2gether” party starring the world’s only SEO band. The SEOkomm is definitely one of the best SEO conferences I’ve ever attended. A very fast wireless network (with even a cable network, just as a backup!) , a great venue (university of Salzburg) with good audio quality and a very big screen and a good organization by Oliver Hauser of Levelseven and Christoph Cemper were the keys to success!


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Evert Veldhuijzen is consulting various international brands about different aspects of online marketing. His company Netlead is in affiliate business and develops websites for his joint-ventures.
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