SES Berlin 2010: Advanced link building 2011
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SES Berlin 2010: Advanced link building 2011

23rd November 2010

Here we are – back with another session called „Advanced link building 2011” – the panel looks pretty promising featuring speakers like Jan Kutschera, Thomas Gruhle and Christoph Cemper – Stefan Fischerländer will be moderating this one.

One a side note: Why in the world would you do the advanced track in a small room only being able to have seats for just around 100 people?! And for next time: Please do provide tables, at least some. It just sucks to write like this… and yes, power would be really nice a well – besides of a working wifi. Anyways, let’s get this rolling… still waiting for the rests of the panelists to show up….

First one up will be Christoph – let’s see if he has some news to share. So Christoph starts by sharing some important tips on link building:

  • First of all: Keep in mind… there is no secret on building links. It just plain work!
  • Know your targets, and do your research (include volumes, competition and difficulty in your analysis)
  • Be patience: Getting number one just takes time…
  • Test, test and test (using test domains, satellite domains and of course – your competitors websites)
  • Keep in mind: Link growth needs to be consistent, increasing and of course more than your competitors get.
  • Get link juice from your competitors – by gathering indirect links.
  • You need links from relevant websites – if you’re in travel of course it’s important to get links from other travel sites as well.
  • And you need trusted links from authority sites – the goal is to up-value all links in a profile. If you get a highly trusted link and point it to your site you will boost the value of all other links.
  • Anchor text variation: You really need naturally distributed anchor text – just links with money keys don’t work anymore. It just simply over-optimized. And they do avoid anchor text based filters. So make sure when building links you also get brand links.
  • Keyword domains are nice because the brand just is the domain name and also the money keywords. Christoph brought up the example of – and the money key / phrase also is “cheap flights” and it’s perfectly optimized to get a lot of links having this anchor text.
  • Get nofollow links – they’re just a part of a naturally looking link profile.
  • Don’t look at PageRank – holy I can’t hear it anymore… but yeah. Here it is again…

Some nice tips from Christoph – good stuff you should keep in mind. All right, this is gonna be hard for the next speaker to keep up with. Let’s see what Jan has to say…

Ok – so Jan is going to talk about link analysis. Hmm… ok that’s hard to blog, skipping trough slides like hell… he is showing the top-10 on shoes in Germany. And metrics Jan usually applies when looking at a domain are visibility, page rank distribution (both from Sistrix), page- and domain authority (SEOmoz / Linkscape), deep link ratio (start- vs. sub-sites), how many rankings are available in top-10 for all keywords and anchor text distribution (you can actually do that using – looks nice in a presentation though).

Last speaker of the day will be Thomas. He is going to talk about a link network – which doesn’t look like one. Sounds promising. But unfortunately the beamer or presentation is broke. So I’ll put this one up early. Maybe I can update as they fix the stuff… nope, thats not gonna be something. Switching over to Q&A and I’m out. See you tomorrow for another day at SES Berlin.


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