SES Berlin 2010: Advanced PPC Techniques

SES Berlin 2010: Advanced PPC Techniques

23rd November 2010

This post is written by Thomas Hertkorn of Ads2people who is guest blogging for us on SES Berlin 2010. Keep an eye on his posts!

Speakers on this panel were Jan Brockmann Senior Account Manager, metapeople ; Sebastian Reischel Director Client Manager, Blue Summit Media; Lorenz Wacker Managing Director Search & Social Media,j jaron

Moderated by Thomas Bindl

Search Funnels

At the Beginning Jan Brockman shows the individual strength of search funnels. Search Funnels show the path users search. Normally searches going from unspecific terms to specific ones. For example a search starts with “Hotel” and ends up with “Cheap Hotel Barcelona”. If you’re analyzing search funnels you would now increase bids on hotel to be visible. The danger is to bid on generic phrases with a too low cost per conversation value. Search funnels going to be criticized as just another way to get more Budget from your customers.

Usually you should use search funnels only for completely optimized campaigns. The Funnels are another way to increase sales and growth. Jan uses Search Funnels to give every term a share of the conversion value. Search Funnels only work well if you are going to use Adwords also on Brand terms because mostly they are the end of a search funnel.

At the moment Google starts to show impressions before a final conversion. Jan is still skeptic to this feature.
Besides the Search Funnel tracking he brought the attention to cross channel tracking. He said cross channel tracking is important in the online marketing mix.

Then Sebastian Reischel began with his speech about general PPC tips. He clearly said that it is important to look at all Data you can get from google. For example to build up keyword clusters or for Revenue optimization.

Also he showed us to include the percentage of new generated customers You can easily use mail addresses from new customers for e-mail marketing. Also he included the customer lifetime value.

Afterwards he said that it is important to be aware of the individual offline marketing your customer does. For example it is important to be aware of TV spots. If you increase your bids shortly after the TV spot, this might or more likely will increase your sales or at least your traffic. In conclusion you should support other marketing measures with search engine marketing.

Finally he showed us the AdParams Feature from google and claimed how nice it works to show product prices within Adwords ads.


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