SES Berlin 2010: Analytics for PPC

SES Berlin 2010: Analytics for PPC

24th November 2010

This post is written by Thomas Hertkorn of Ads2people who is guest blogging for us on SES Berlin 2010. Keep an eye on his posts!

Speakers: Richard Zwicky Founder, Enquisite / Eightfold Logic, Metamend; Steffen Methling Key Account Manager bei der etracker GmbH

At the Beginning Richard Zwicky talked about how to extract real value from Analytics.

His first statement was that all Analytics Tools are good for some tasks. But all Analytics Tools claim to be the best. He said in the end only the good interpretation of the Analytics Data is important. It is necessary to give the right information, to the right people. What does the customer really care? Anyone who does Analytics should answer this question.

After that he showed us the share of voice. In the share of voice you analyize for example how many companies you reach of the registered companies in the area of interest. Also you can do this in Analytics. If you get 250 referrals in a market of 10.000 referals you get an 2,5% share of voice.

Analytics is a tool to show the needs of customers.
Then he said people don’t just search for shoes they heard about shoes from friends or via a social network and then start searching. With analytics you can see where people hear about things.

At the end of his speach he said you should use the alerts in your analtics system to be always informed and to react fast if necessary.

Now Steffen Methling from etracker talked about the Customer Journey and how you get insights to them. At the moment most agency and advertiser don’t use cross channel tracking. So they can’t see if a campaign is helping another campaign with visits.

Steffen said that it is important to track besides the “last ad” Tracking of nowadays to measure the impact of different advertising channels. For examples he used the AIDA Rule for the different advertising channels. In this example a newsletter gets the attention, SEO goes for the interest, a valuation portal for online shops increases the desire and a ppc campaign brings the customer to a real action.

He said “last ad” tracking will lead to false budgets for different advertising channels. Only with cross channel tracking you can start to display different advertising channels ad different times in the buying process.
He claimed that „last ad“ tracking will be replaced by cross channel tracking in the next 3-5 years.


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