SES Berlin 2010: Campaign Management in several countries

SES Berlin 2010: Campaign Management in several countries

24th November 2010

This post is written by Thomas Hertkorn of Ads2people who is guest blogging for us on SES Berlin 2010. Keep an eye on his posts!

Speaker Andy Atkins Krüger, CEO WebCertain Group Ltd. moderated by Thomas Bindl from ed Labs.

Hi everyone from my 2nd day at the SES Berlin 2010. I’m at the “campaign management in several countries” session from Andy Atkins Krüger. Hopefully today nobody will kill the micro like Richard Zwicky yesterday.

But now Andy begins with his speech. First he promised an international secret weapon to be successful. Andy said to search and to connect are basic human needs all over the world. To be successful in a single language is easy in Andy’s opinion. But to be successful in many different languages is difficult.

Then Andy showed some slides of the web certain international & social report of his multilingual search blog.

SEO needs to be aware of the three C’s to win the international contest. The three C’s are compatibility for crawlers, connection and content.

Andy made the point that a single site with multilingual content on the same site was a problem for google in the past.

If you have more than one language in a single site google will by default flag the site as english.

Content Managing Systeme are important to be successful in the international competition. Google usually works with utf 8 and you should choose your cms with this backround.

Templates are usually made for one language and so they can’t just be copied for another language.

Then Andy gave some CMS Tips. Shadocms was the biggest one. Shadocms will automatic create phantomsites in different languages if you publish new content.

Also he said the hosting is very important for .com domains.

Then he made some basic warnings. You shouldn’t just translate your keywords. Keywordresearch is the only way to find good keywords in different languages.

Also he mentioned that local links are getting more and more important.

Finally Andy’s Secret Weapon – try to be as local as possible if you’re doing international SEO. That’s it from the Campaign Management in several countries session. Oh and the micro is still alive ?


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