SES Berlin 2010: Specific characteristics of the German market
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SES Berlin 2010: Specific characteristics of the German market

23rd November 2010

Next session is going to be covering specialties on the German search market. Actually I’m kind of curios to see what the panel comes up with. Speaking about the panel – there are some changes: We do have Stefan Fischerländer and – since Lorenz Wacker is ill and therefore cannot be here – Andy and Richard (who did a great job on the “Search around the world session”) jumped in.

Stefan is mainly going to cover SEO specific topics – good for me – so let’s see what he has to say. He starts with some SEO related numbers for the German market.

There are 140.000.000 search queries in Germany every single day – just in Google.
Looking at click-through-rates the numbers look like this: Pos 1: CTR > 40%; Pos 2: CTR > 13%; Pos 8: CTR ~2-3% (data source: T-Online). This means if you move from pos. 8 to 2 you’ll see a massive increase.

Next Stefan talks about language specific characteristics: Look at “Grunderwerbssteuer” vs. “Grunderwerbsteuer” – it’s the same word but there are two completely different SERPs. Here are some insights from Google Trends. Note the massive gap in 2009 – this happened when Google implemented Google Suggest and preferred the word “Grunderwerbsteuer” over the other one.

Misspellings: There are around 10-15% misspellings in Germany – so there is really some search volume optimizing on those terms. But really keep in mind that Google does correct misspellings – so the volume might be lower.

Also make sure that you consider the spelling reform we had some years back – look at the two valid German spellings for dolphin: “Delfin” vs. “Delphin” – interesting data!

The next thing and a big difference compared to the US is that in Germany there are no aggregators like digg or reddit – in Germany there is simply nothing with a similar volume which makes linkbuilding and especially linkbaiting tougher (if you aim on getting links from local websites). So link buying seems to be way more popular in Germany because of this.

To finish his presentation Stefan provides some nice tipps to rank locally in Germany:

  • You need to be listed in local specific directories
  • You need to have an address in that specific city
  • The number of ratings / reviews is important
  • The product description needs to appear in the title
  • And you’ll – of course – need the matching anchor texts on you backlinks

Really good stuff from Stefan! Since Richard and Andy don’t have slides for this one I’m outa here… a blogger has to eat 😉


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