SES Berlin 2010: Integration of Search Engine Marketing in the Online Marketing Mix

SES Berlin 2010: Integration of Search Engine Marketing in the Online Marketing Mix

24th November 2010

This post is written by Thomas Hertkorn of Ads2people who is guest blogging for us on SES Berlin 2010. Keep an eye on his posts!

Speakers: Marcus Koch, Goldbach Interactive GmbH blue summit
moderated by Thomas Bindl Refined Labs

Here we go again after the break with Marcus Koch speach about the integration of SEM in the Online Marketing Mix. The subject sounds exciting, lets see what happens.

Again the big “last ad tacking” problem will be main subject of this session.

Marcus said it is important for people to be aware of the complete process of a conversion. Not only in the way of search funnels then more in the way of different advertising channels. Everyone should notice that there are correlations between different advertising channels.

He said that it is important to measure the complete conversion path regardless of the advertising channel.
For example he showed us how a simple display ad impression can lead to an ppc conversion.

His statement to last ad attribution was „It is a wrong modell with true but false date.” He said that people make the wrong decisions based on these Informations.

Again he told us that it is important to be aware of offline marketing. Offline has a major impact on online search.
Thomas said that overall 30% of all Conversions need more than one click.

Marcus again gave us a nice tip. With the “Gfk” and Google you can do single source panels. In these panels you can research the correlations of your advertising campaigns. You have to be aware of the full conversion parth offline and online.

In the Q/A session Marcus said that everyone should use Google Insight for search to get an impression on how people search and more.

At the end Marcus and Thomas pointed out that we still have a big problem with “last ad tracking”. And until now we still have the problem to get the right data.


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