SES Berlin 2010: SEO Expert Q&A
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SES Berlin 2010: SEO Expert Q&A

24th November 2010

Hi everyone – welcome back to the last session of SES Berlin 2010. Wow, time flew by. Can’t believe we’re already having the last session of this year’s SES in Berlin. To finish this SES we do have another Q&A panel talking about everything organic. And again, the setup looks very promising: We do have Marcus Tandler, Johannes Beus, Thomas Promny, Uwe Tippmann and Jens Fauldrath. Moderated, again, by Martin Sinner. Right now we’re still waiting for the attendees to move in, interestingly the room does still look a little empty, would have expect it to be more crowded. But anyways, we do start…

Here are some of the key take-aways and most important questions and answers:

Facebook: Use Facebook Ads to really target people from a specific company. A hint from Thomas: It does work very well for recruiting. Nice! Marcus adds you could try searching someone on Facebook, become friends and just target that single person – he or she will not know that it’s just this single person being targeted.

Flash content: How to get contents indexed and make those pages rank? Marcus says that you definitely need some additional content around that (being displayed also for devices like iPad and other Apple stuff) – just Flash as standalone doesn’t work. At least if it’s something complex – a banner or similar will and can be indexed. But the downside is that – if a *.swf starts ranking – users won’t see the page embedding this file but more the flash file itself. Which is a really bad user experience for sure.

Content creation: Make your content to look more natural (like real editorial ones – not like a “stupid SEO site”)! This also means to vary text lengths (not always write like 400 words), have different outbound links (no, not always two links) and also maybe have a little duplicate content “by accident”.

“SEO Landing Pages”: Wow I really hate this term – but anyways. Answering the question on what the panel thinks about those, Johannes says that looking at this on a long-term perspective those probably won’t work. Another big problem is that these pages are – more or less – standalone. Therefore they’re not connected within the rest of the shop. And this is not enough because you’ll always have a disadvantage – so make sure that you work in parallel and “re-build” the shop software if it’s not compatible with your SEO measures. One of the panels recommendations is to have a look at Magento when looking for an SEO compatible shop system.

Canonical Tag: Does Bing consider the canonical tag? According to Uwe they do. I’d agree on that – if I remember correctly the big-3 (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft) did the release the tag together. So it should work.

Yes folks, that’s it – I’m over and out! I hope you enjoyed our SES Berlin coverage and found some of it to be a little valuable. Feedback is always appreciated.


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