SES New York 2011: Conversion tools of the Master Craftsman

SES New York 2011: Conversion tools of the Master Craftsman

24th March 2011

Conversion optimization time at the SES New York now. I’m sitting in the session with a “high speed tour through dozens of free and paid tolls that can help you identify and fix your conversion issues”. Hopefully it’s not too “high speed” so I can get keep on track! The session is moderated by Anne Kennedy. Speakers are Tim Ash and Bryan Eisenberg.
Tim Ash starts the session:
“Your baby is ugly”: your website is only good in your own vision, your visitors think of it like a brick wall they have to climb.
The best tools according to Tim:
1. Crazy Egg
You see where people click, so you also see where people click, even if the item is not clickable.
Filter by screen size!
2. Clicktale
User session recording & playback, click heatmaps, advanced link analytics, advanced form analytics.
Conversion report is much more granular compared to Google Analytics.
Time report
Blank field report
3. CrossBrowserTesting
Test different OS, Browser, Application combinations.
Pay by the minute for screenshots or live testing.
4.  MockFlow
You should be using wireframes when you develop websites. If not you should be ashamed!
Doing so, you won’t have stupid discussions about colors.
Tim shows an example from Canon Shop:
Simulated Visual Attention Tool

Take off the rose colored glasses and get to work!

Next speaker is Bryan Eisenberg with “The Toolbox for Continuous Marketing Optimization”.
We’re going though 99 tools for Conversion Optimization:

CRO Models:
– Tools: Insights, Creating Pages, Testing, Personalization, Campaign & Automation
– People: Insight, Management Creative Execution, Test Setup, Implementation
– Process

56,8 billion will be spent this year on generating website traffic, but only 2-3% will convert.
Don’t do slice and dice optimization.
Only few people do conversion optimization.
1. Omniture & Google Analytics
2. Clicktale (Form Analytics)
3. 4Q, Kampyle to get voice of customer
4. Call tracking: mongoose metrics, ifbyphone
5. Check the speed of your website
6., Dynamicdrive: to smush your images

Using Video for products: it improves conversion rates of about 9%
7. TreePodia:  create automated videos from your feeds. After this do a video sitemap.
8. to test PPC Ads and Landing Pages
9.  Mockflow
10. Get Premise: tool for WordPress to create landing pages.
11.  BTBuckets: free behavorial targeting
12. Hiconversion: testing for lower traffic websites
13. Optimisely
14. Monetate

Best of 2010, recommended strategies:
1. Badging:
Conversion impact as high as 55%!
2. Message consistency:
Average conversion improvement range 5%-20%
3. Tax free (if possible) Conversion improvement as high as 12%
4. International: make “international” stand out. Conversion improvement as high as 100%
5. Email Acquisition: Make Sign Up Forms stand out!
Acquisition improvement as high as 1000%

It’s not the tool, it’s how you use it
Bryan suggests to go to to learn 21 secrets about conversion optimization.


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