SES New York 2011: Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics

SES New York 2011: Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics

23rd March 2011

Next session today is the Facebook Marketing Tactics session. Let’s see if the experts on the panel really share some “killer tactics for harnessing the real marketing and ecommerce potential of Facebook Advertising, Fan Pages and Groups”. In the panel we got Marty Weintraub of aimClear, Harry J. Gold of Overdirve Interactive and Lisy Buyer of The Buyer Group.

First speaker is Lisa Buyer:

What is socialPR? Optimizing and socializing the PR strategy. 65% of the journalists use Facebook.

10 ways to optimize your Facebook strategy:
1. Ask Good questions: questions that make people think. It will trigger interaction
2. Report the news: company news, third party news, unofficial company news
3. Manage the community:  a job and an adventure.
Make a schedule
4. Cross socialization: tweet all about it
5. Promote the actual Facebook URL: (not “find us on Facebook”)
6. Brand it. Message it. Profile Image.It’s the only possibility to brand your Facebook page.
7. Report it! Newsroom tab. Put all your Press releases on Facebook (Pitchengine Newsroom tab)
8. Mix and mingle in other communities.
9. Pitch it! Media relations happen on Facebook.
10. Distribute it! Facebook Friendly press release. (Like this on Facebook, Tweet this on Twitter etc.)
Bonus: Blog hook up! Hook up your blog to your Facebook page. (Blog tab)
– Repost on Facebook
– Use a visual.
– Make it easy for people to “Like” from your blog to Facebook.

Remember “Likes are the new links!”

Next speaker is Harry J. Gold about “Advanced Facebook Marketing: the Like Button”.
When we think about targeting we think about Facebook Ads: ads in the newsfeed, sponsored ads, surveys, engagement ads etc. Don’t hyper target to much, because your audience runs low!

But Harry talks about the Like button. Every page on the internet that has a like button is now a Facebook fan page.
Facebook reports that 30 billion pieces of content are shared everyday. They are building an incredible profile.
So, by liking something you are:
– expressing your friends what you like
– telling Facebook what you’re interested in.
– Becoming a fan of an object .

You can send status updates to the people who like things on your site. You can do this through the Admin page of your like button. “Publish to the users who have liked your webpage…. Only administrators can see this interface”.
Example Levi’s: they can send a message to all people who liked a certain type of jeans about a sale of this type of jeans.

Main points:
– Add the Like button
– Create object admin pages
– Treat likers like fans and send them relevant messages around what they liked.
– Use Facebook API to group similar “Likers”

You can download the presentation overhere:

Last speaker is Mary Weintraub: Targeting Facebook Creativity. In an energetic presentation with a lot of  great examples Marty showed a lot of ways to target people in a creative way. Basically he divides targeting in 3 groups:
Literal targeting: tight semantic relationship (hockey sticks to hockey players)
– Competition targeting: there are a lot of vulnerable brands (apple, Kellogs etc.)
– Negative competitors’ sentiment: look for users with “suck”, “hates” etc., but be careful.(they could sue you)
– Agressive targeting

It’s difficult to describe his story in words so I leave you with the link to download Marty’s deck:


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