SES pre-show speaker interviews: Bill Hunt

SES pre-show speaker interviews: Bill Hunt

14th February 2011

As mediapartner of SES London 2011 we’ll be bringing you everything about the conference you can possibly think off. For that we’ve already set up our special conference page where all the content surrounding SES London 2011 will be gathered. One of the things you can find there is this series, which we are starting today. Going up to the conference we are going to ‘warm you up’ a bit with about a dozen interviews with speakers at SES London. What sessions are they on, what are they talking about and what sessions are they looking forward to. You’ll find the answers in this series. Today the stage is for somebody who has made a huge impact on the search industry: Bill Hunt. Bill in some ways is like the ‘father’ of search. Bill is the President of Back Azimuth Consulting, which focuses on helping companies understand the Voice of their Customer by aggregating various digital signals into actionable insights and messages.

What session are you speaking on?

I will be speaking on two panels this time. For the first, I have the privilege of sharing my idea on global search with Andy Adkins Kruger. For the second, I will take the middle of e road in the ongoing battle of Paid vs. Organic Search.

What will be the focus of your presentation(s)?

For the Global Search Presentation I will focus more on the technical issues of sites, getting index and how large companies have handled this challenge. I will try and dispel some of the myths of domains and hosting and how to leverage templates and best practices for scale. On the Paid vs. Organic I get to be the voice of reason and talk about some of the modeling I have been doing on Co-Optimizaiton. In Co-Optimization we integrate the data from paid and organic and let it tell is what to do – sort of a CSI for Search. There are a handful of sorts you can do with the data that will quickly tell you how efficient either is independently and how well they are collaborating or cannibalizing each other. If you enter this process with an open mind and let the data guide you it will be a fascinating experience. You will find gaps in both programs as well as strengths that you can then cross leverage across the other. At SES London last year I asked how many people were integrating the data and only two were. That is a shame especially how well they can work together under the right conditions.

What session are you looking forward to seeing yourself?

I am looking forward to the session on Monitizing Social Commerce. That is the big black hole right now so I am keen to see what John Butler has to tell is about purchased based social targeting to grow a client base and revenue.

What is the biggest tip you can give attendees of SES London?

MY biggest tip is to thing beyond the hype as well as the simplicity of search and social and try to understand how they intersect with your consumer’s digital ecosystem. We are too focused on singular factors, how many followers or do I rank for this word and not the bigger and wider picture of “am I connecting all the dots and present at all the points of intersection my customer may use?” If we can think in this bigger picture way ti will have a dramatic impact on how we create content, leverage these individual tactics and create more effective relationships with our prospects and clients


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