SES pre-show speaker interviews: Crispin Sheridan

SES pre-show speaker interviews: Crispin Sheridan

7th February 2011

As mediapartner of SES London 2011 we’ll be bringing you everything about the conference you can possibly think off. For that we’ve already set up our special conference page where all the content surrounding SES London 2011 will be gathered. One of the things you can find there is this series, which we are starting today. Going up to the conference we are going to ‘warm you up’ a bit with about a dozen interviews with speakers at SES London. What sessions are they on, what are they talking about and what sessions are they looking forward to. You’ll find the answers in this series.

Today we listen to the Senior Director of Search Marketing at SAP in New York, Crispin Sheridan. He is responsible for Paid and Organic search and has driven SAP’s strategy to harness the power of the channel to drive efficiency in lead generation across SAP’s ecosystem. Crispin is a frequent speaker at SES and part of the SES Advisory Board.

What session are you speaking on?

Enterprise Level SEO

What will be the focus of your presentation(s)?

The focus will be on the types of challenges that large sites or companies face and how to surmou

What session are you looking forward to seeing yourself?

Why Does Search Get All the Credit? With Bill Hunt – I think attribution modeling is the next critical challenge that search and digital marketers face in a world where synthetic value attribution will be less and less acceptable. The hurdle right now for many is not only the model but the infrastructure to operationalize it.

What is the biggest tip you can give attendees of SES London?

My biggest tip I can give is to do one’s homework on the sessions to attend – read up on the speakers and their companies and decide beforehand what you want to see and who you want to meet. Joining the LinkedIn groups and meet-ups and other social media options will also ensure you have the best chance at making the connections that will be most valuable!


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