SES pre-show speaker interviews: Lee Odden

SES pre-show speaker interviews: Lee Odden

25th January 2011

As mediapartner of SES London 2011 we’ll be bringing you everything about the conference you can possibly think off. For that we’ve already set up our special conference page where all the content surrounding SES London 2011 will be gathered. One of the things you can find there is this series, which we are starting today. Going up to the conference we are going to ‘warm you up’ a bit with about a dozen interviews with speakers at SES London. What sessions are they on, what are they talking about and what sessions are they looking forward to. You’ll find the answers in this series.

We start the series today by asking our questions to Lee Odden. Lee is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a digital marketing and public relations firm specializing in strategic Internet marketing consulting, training, and implementation services. Lee is a well known name in the industry. He is one of 25 online marketing experts featured in “Online Marketing Heroes” published by Wiley, and has been cited for his search and social media marketing expertise by The Economist, U.S. News, and Fortune Magazine. His blog Toprank is one of the best known in the industry.

What session(s) are you talking on?

I am giving a solo presentation on Content Marketing & Optimisation on Wed, Feb 23 at 11am which is conveniently scheduled at the same time as two killer sessions: Marketing to the European Union and Update on Real Time Search.

What will be the focus of your presentation(s)?

Fundamentally, I’ll be talking about creating a competitive advantage through the intersection of search, social and content marketing. Most search and social media marketing programs involve a variety of content types ranging from digital assets to rich media to web pages. As I like to say, if it can be searched, it can be optimised! Unfortunately, many online marketers are not very savvy or efficient about content marketing.

From my experience in cities from New York to Hong Kong, brand marketers world-wide are seeking competitive advantages that will improve the efficiency and impact of their Social Media and SEO efforts. This Content Marketing & Optimisation session is focused on providing the same kind of unique insight into strategies, best practices and processes as I’ve provided for a $100 billion U.S. company over the past 5 years and for cutting edge online marketers like Marketo, PRWeb and StrongMail.

We “practice what we preach” with online, social and content marketing. That’s why TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog was recently rated the #1 Content Marketing Blog by Junta42 and the #2 Social Media Blog by Social Media Examiner.

What session are you looking forward to seeing yourself?

It will be interesting how the CMO Cowboy himself, Jeffrey Hayzlett, does with the opening keynote. He’s a firecracker and has a way with audiences. The session on remarketing/retargeting looks pretty interesting as do the sessions on mobile marketing and the tough love site clinics.

What is the biggest tip you can give attendees of SES London?

Make a plan. The value from attending a conference can be increased substantially with just a few minutes of planning ahead. Specifically, picking what sessions to attend, who you’d like to meet, what types of things you want to learn, how you will transfer the new things you’ve learned to your co-workers back at the office and even what content you will create during the event. Here’s a post I’ve written on increasing ROI from attending conferences and another on how to get the most out of live blogging a conference.

Want to go to SES London? There is still chance to get yourself nominated for a ticket. Or off course register here.


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