SES pre-show visitor and sponsor interview: Andy Betts

SES pre-show visitor and sponsor interview: Andy Betts

21st February 2011

As mediapartner of SES London 2011 we’ll be bringing you everything about the conference you can possibly think off. For that we’ve already set up our special conference page where all the content surrounding SES London 2011 will be gathered. One of the things you can find there is this series, which we are starting today. Going up to the conference we are going to ‘warm you up’ a bit with about a dozen interviews with speakers at SES London. What sessions are they on, what are they talking about and what sessions are they looking forward to. You’ll find the answers in this series.

Today we take a little side step, not a speaker, but a visitor and Sponsor of SES at the same time: Andy Betts, Strategy, Marketing and Development Director of SearchIgnite Europe

What does SES London mean for you as a visitor?

As a visitor it’s one of the best conferences you can attend that pulls in many of the most experienced marketers across a wide range of search related disciplines. The reality is that search is a constantly evolving marketplace. In order to succeed in search you have to keep up to date. This makes attendance at events like SES more of a necessity rather than an option. It’s about networking, sharing, and learning from your peers in an out of your sphere of influence.

What does SES sponsor do?

As a sponsor it’s all about being part of something that aims to ‘educate and share’. Over recent years I have witnessed more and more content aimed towards a ‘connected marketing’ or ‘integrated’ approach to search, social, and now display. It’s important that we are a part of that. It’s what the market demands.

You have a colleague who is speaking, what about?

My MD, James Yancey, will be doing most of the speaking. Thankfully!. The sessions he will be covering are;

  • Is Search remarketing right for you?
  • Crossing the digital divide – The leap from search to display

The main focuses of the presentations are around integrated search marketing across the search and display communities. We will be talking about how search is evolving and how core search marketing techniques have influenced display marketers, parallels in techniques and similarities in process. We will also be talking about the role of technology and attribution across search, social, and display. In the remarketing session we aim to cover smart ways to approach search remarketing whilst debunking a few myths.

What session are you looking forward to?

Most of them to be honest. Anything to do with integration of SEO, PPC, Social and Display. I am really looking forward to seeing some social media presentations to see, compared to last year, how far marketers have come in terms of integrating social search into their marketing plans. I also want to monitor and engage in conversations between search and display marketers and their thoughts on ‘biddable media’.

What is the biggest tip you can give attendees of SES London?

Enjoy it. Take lots of notes. Try and widen your horizons also. If SEO is your core discipline then save some time to see a session on PPC and SEO or social media. If PPC is your core discipline then take time to go and see a session on search and display…..

Also – Make sure you attend the networking sessions – you will pick up some real ‘Gems’ of information and meet some great contacts!


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