SMX New York 2011: Day 1: What Every Paid Search Marketer Needs To Know About Google +1

SMX New York 2011: Day 1: What Every Paid Search Marketer Needs To Know About Google +1

14th September 2011

Coverage of SMX New York 2011 is provided by our guest author Jackie Hole.

The second session of the day in the Advanced Track was hosted by 3 speakers:

  • Josh Dreller – Fuor Digital
  • Mathew Guiver – e-storm international
  • Benjamin Vigneron – eSearchVision

Speaker #1 Josh Dreller – Google Plus Walkthrough

Josh BrellerAs the title suggests, this session covered a walkthrough of G+. Most of which you may already know about, however, it’s always useful to get an update on what’s new. I had totally missed the G+ ‘Sparks’ which is essentially a content recommendation engine to find relevant videos and articles. If you haven’t tried a Google Plus Hangout yet, then you might want to give it a try as according to Google’s Demo “Until teleportation arrives, it’s the next best thing”!

We were introduced to the longest running hangout (, which now has its’ own live stream in order that the limited 10 participants can share their experience online and hangout with the entire world.

Josh looked at photo-sharing, apps, gaming, mobile, the mobile version of hangouts – the ‘Huddle’. Interesting new (ish) feature is the ‘Google Takeout’ which now allows users to download a copy of data stored within Google products. More of an overview than a tips and tricks session, it did prompt me to use G+ and upload and share the SMX New York 2011 Photos from day 1!

View Full Summary and PDF presentation:

Speaker #2 Mathew Guiver -The future affect of Google +1 on paid search advertising

Mathew Guiver & Benjamin VigneronMathew Guiver (with one ‘t’) was definitely the one to watch this session. A first time speaker but you wouldn’t have thought so! Thoroughly engaging, entertaining and his slide examples with Britney Spears gave us an insight into his quirky way of thinking. The passionate & very natural delivery made me totally trust the predictions about the future of Google +!

The ultimate goal for Google is potentially to keep all users logged in making recommendation transfer the default.

Predictions included:

  • +1 to have more of an impact on average position than Quality Score
  • Search impact: If a +1 decreases your CPA it will increase your ROI
  • The end of the PPC landing page as we know it as +1’s become shared between organic and sponsored listings
  • Bridging the gap between PPC and Social therefore potentially pulling the ROI card – imagine how much large advertisers would be willing to invest
  • Promoted +1’s – will Google monetize G+
  • Demographic Bidding for Google search ads with data gained from G+ interaction
  • Prediction targeting – re-marketing based on recommendation?

A great question at the end Q&A was this: How can we encourage more +1 clicks on a senior demographic when they don’t click on anything – A: incentivise with financial reward!

I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation and look forward to following this bright mind at future SMX and other SEM gatherings

View Full Summary and PDF presentation:

Speaker #3 Benjamin Vigneron – Google +1 : How SEM is getting social

Google plus one slideWe are not seeing any impact on page rank now due to +1 interaction but is it inevitable? Given that if you +1 a paid ad, it will also +1 the page could this be the new measure of Quality Score? Well actually no – Google +1 indirectly affects CTR which means that Google +1 will affect quality score as a result. Also, Q Score ads past performance, relevance of ads, and keywords in the Ad Group.


  • Google +1 will affect at least three of the four main Search QS factors:
    Historical CTR, Quality of landing page, and account history
  • Google +1 indirectly affects CTR – Google +1 will affect Quality Score as a result
  • Google +1 is not a new Quality Score factor
  • Google +1 does not alter search result

View Full Summary and PDF presentation:

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