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4 thoughts on “Chinese Social Media: In China It Is Not About Facebook

  1. It’s quite amazing to me when I heard many Americans don’t know Facebook & Twitter are blocked in China. I realized the importance to tell more about Chinese Social Networks to non-Chinese. More and more US companies are targeting Chinese market nowadays, and I used to tell them about Chinese Weibo Marketing Tips. Check out here in my blog: http://www.searchdecoder.com/social-networks-in-china-sina-weibo/
    Btw, very good post.

  2. Baidu is the Chinese social media platform that excites me the most … Imagine Google, Facebook, YouTube, eBay and maybe even Amazon all in one … for billions of people who don’t have access to the same alternatives which consumers of those brands do in the west … Phenomenal! … Tencent with QQ (Qzone) and Alibaba as it enters consumer markets will also be huge! … More at NextGenerationBrands.com

  3. China is a dictatorship regime without any social media marketing. I worked in Social Media industry for 3 years but in China there are many strict censorship rules, a lot of sites are not accessible and internet is slow. You can’t really market in China, a lot of advertisement is blocked. The MARKET IN CHINA IS NOT FREE.

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