Social Media Marketing Conference 2012 – Day 1 Afternoon Sessions

Social Media Marketing Conference 2012 – Day 1 Afternoon Sessions

11th December 2012

Afternoon sessions attended at the SMX Social Media Marketing Conference in Las Vegas.

Sessions covered – Customer Acqusition Through Social Media, ‘Blow away blogging’ and the end of day ‘Keynote Conversation’ with Danny Sullivan and Del Harvey, Director of Trust & Safety at Twitter

Customer Acquisition Through Social Media (#smx #13B)

If you’re looking to put a case to the boss as to why it’s time to think about Social Media, this session is the one for you!


  • Drew Conrad, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Zagg (@drewconrad)
  • Mark Marin, Chief Marketing Officer, Plink
  • Mariana Rodriguez, Account Director, Beeby Clark+Meyler (@marodcar)

Member Acquisition Through Facebook – Mark Marin:

mark-marinA case study into what loyalty rewards can do for brands, Mark showed us among other stats an impressive 70% uplift in Burger Kings transactions, 77%  increase of spend per user and a dramatic increase in overall loyalty to the brand.

With Facebook users being ‘worth’ 58% more than non FB users and with better campaign optimisation and more focused targeting, the cost per acquisition is now a quarter of the cost 6 months ago. Even something as simple as a 2 pixel line around an advert showed a 10% increase in CTR

  • Target Facebook ads specifically to what people like eg – Amazon Vouchers
  • Get users to share with a friend to get more
  • Keep users on Facebook as long as possible – step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc

Social Media and email – Drew Conrad ZAGG @zaggdaily , (@drewconrad)

Looking at the internet marketing goals of ZAGG, Drew gave us a whistlestop tour of strategies for growth to increase revenue, visits and order size with Social Media and email.



  1. Increase email sign ups with Social
  2. Add a like box to the home page – ZAGG obtained 30,000 likes in 10 days
  3. Send frequent reminders to hang out and hook up
  4. Use Facebook Ads to landing pages, content and posts
  5. Use True View in-stream Ads in Adwords (cheaper than YouTube Search)

Twitter Search and Blog Posts

With the Tagline ‘Don’t take our word for it, here are X Tweets about’, ZAGG share tweets made by users alongside an offer that you can’t refuse.

ZAGG also put together a Global Map of real life customer stories for maximum engagement

The results?

See for yourself! According to the marketing blog at Radian 6, Zagg topped the list of the most mentioned Twitter Usernames on Cyber Monday.

Customer Acquisition Through Social Media – Mariana Rodriguez –

Step 1: Define your acquisition goal

  • Make a purchase
  • Social action
  • Increase cookie pool
  • Download content
  • Register/submit info
  • Coupon/offer redemption
  • Product trial

Step 2: Clearly Outline Your Campaign

  • What constitutes an acquisition?
  • Who do you want to reach?
  • How are you going to get them to take action?

Step 3: Measurement Plan

Measuring offline success from social media customer acquisition efforts requires a two step process

Non-acquisition Actions (Intermediate step)

  • Visits store
  • Attends event
  • Downloads
  • Social action

Acquisition actions

  • Purchase
  • Register
  • Coupon
  • Trial
  • Social action

Blow Me Away Blogging (#smx #14A)


8 Takeaways from a True Story of 800% Blog Growth – Mike Arnesen, Senior SEO Analyst, SwellPath (@mike_arnesen)

“Blogging is hard – it takes passion, creativity and time”

i-love-blogginAmen to that! 🙂

Mike Arneson shows us how SwellPath increased their traffic by 800% with the following Takeways:

#1 – Blog Frequently and on Schedule

#2 – Incentivise your team – content calandar and a bonus (yes please!)

#3 – Let your audience do the work – answer their questions

#4 – Find & Exploit opportunity gaps -write what Google wants

#5 – Leverage Google Authorship

#6 – Optimise the meta

#7 – include FASS Fast Action Social Sharing buttons

#8 – Use Google Plus for additional placement

ZAGG & Blogs – Drew Conrad (@drewconrad)

With more than 10% of the visits to come from the blog Drew takes us through the benefits of blogging

  •  Content for social channels
  • Content for email
  • 82% higher click-to-open rate
  • SEO value
  • Links to posts
  • Internal linking
  • Engage customers
  • Establish brand

Using examples of popular blogposts that have gone viral, Zagg shows that it is important to create unique and interesting content.

Everything you need to know about the social editorial planning process – Sarah Evans, Chief Evangelist, Tracky (@prsarahevans)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a single author blog, or managing multiple contributors, use a social collaboration platform.

Have a Plan

  • Establish roles (content producer, editor)
  • Monthly, weekly, daily
  • Deadlines
  • Promotional toolkit
  • Keywords
  • Timing (relevance and share)
  • Monitor


  • International & national headlines, localize story
  • Holidays, observances
  • Customer or brand lifecycle
  • Conferences, media events
  • Google trends
  • Company milestones, human interest stories
  • Add top newsrooms to your phone
  • Utilize ifttt
  • Top social network trending topics
  • Twitter lists of top tier media

K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid!)

  • Identify your key times (Tweriod)
  • Schedule posts at times most likely to reach your community (Buffer)
  • Automate sharing (
  • Reminders to share.


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