Social search comes to Yandex: buys online newspaper generator The Tweeted Times

Russian search engine Yandex is slowly taking steps towards a bigger reach, inside and especially outside of Russia. After going public in May and changes to their search tools this is the first time Yandex moves towards social: they bought online newspaper generator The Tweeted Times.

The Tweeted Times is, like, a service which generates a ‘newspaper’ of items which were shared by your social connections, in this case people you follow on Twitter. The move seems strange but has everything to do with getting social search into Yandex.

According to Yandex, the entire The Tweeted Times team, co-founded by Maxim Grinev and Maria Grineva, will be joining the Russian search engine. This makes that the move should not just be seen in the light of the tool which The Tweeted Times is, but also the people behind it.

By acquiring the tool Yandex gets the people. Who will then be making new cool stuff for Yandex. This way of staffing is done all the time by Google and it seems as if Yandex has taken up the same method.

Chances are that the Tweeted Times team will be aiming to get search and social integrated on Yandex. Let’s keep an eye on those Russians, they are making some important steps!

Bas van den Beld

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