Social Signals: Facebook, Twitter, Google+1 & SEO – Rand Fishkin #SMX Munich

Social Signals: Facebook, Twitter, Google+1 & SEO – Rand Fishkin #SMX Munich

28th March 2012

Taking place in the beautiful city of Munich right now is SMX München. My first time in Munich and my first time at a multi-lingual conference, SMX Munich is proving to be a real gem.

Set in Munich Park at the Hilton hotel, SMX Munich runs for two days with the International Search Summit providing an extra day of the very best that European and world search has to offer.

A spectacular line up including Rand Fishkin, Will Critchlow, Marcus Tandler, State-of-Searchers Bastian Grimm and Evert Veldhuijzen, Sepita Asnam and many more leading German and European Marketers.

Social Signals: Facebook, Twitter, Google+1 & SEO

Half of this session was in German with Marcus Tober, and half in English with Rand Fishkin. For obvious reasons, I can only report on the latter half of the session!


– Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz (@randfish)
– Marcus Tober, Geschäftsführer, Searchmetrics GmbH (@linkvendor)

Social is now a direct part of the search results. When something is tweeted and gets re-tweets, Google is crawling all of the places that re-tweeted the original post. Some of the links are ‘followed’, some of them are ‘no followed’ but there is definitely a signal.

Posts don’t even have to be shared, even a ‘like’ is enough to make sure that first order and second order impacts are influencing social search.

Something that is big in social media will be covered by mainstream journalists/press and will yield links, so by combining social and SEO and IF you create content that is worthy of being shared – you’re going to get natural links from the direct and second order effects (you’re going to earn more social links and more followers).

Using the example of , Rand showed us that social is driving queries referencing also a post by Martin McDonald However, Dollar Shave Club missed a trick – after getting millions of viewers, the affect in personalised search was huge, but they failed to target any keywords, so logged out, they do not rank for anything relevant to their search terms.

The lesson? It’s all very well being great at content and social, but if you are not also knowledgeable in SEO you may miss opportunities.

Google plus Tactics

Circles and extended circles – influence both followers and followers’ followers. You can use G+ to research the way you might for traditional link building  to find people that can help you influence by using –

Ego tactics – when you share and you mention people by name; they will see it in their social notifications box which in turn will encourage them to share content. Don’t forget to comment on their stuff!

Google Ripples – a very cool tool called Ripples which officially shows you the flow of how a post was spread on Google plus. Ripples shows who shared who they shared with, and who re-shared it. This is public and you can do this for any post or any URL on Google Plus by using the dropdown menu to the right of any post.

G+ email Network – G+ is also using email which means your email is a network which if you are smart, you may consider having people subscribe to your newsletter which is sent from your G+ connected Gmail account – if 100k sign up for the newsletter, now they are all in your network, now search they do whilst logged in is biased to your stuff = BIG WIN

Twitter and Facebook Tactics

How do you get more followers on Twitter or likes on Facebook?

Check out 5 scientifically proven ways to get more followers –

Use Tweriod – you can see when you get the most exposure and at what time of the day – for all the days of the week, what is going on and when is the best time to share the content

Add profiles to your site – if you run a community connecting up the social networks helps you to see who is in the community that may have followers and helps to find the influencers and spread the message further.

Content Tactics

“There is fundamental misunderstanding about what great means – great does not mean good enough to stay in the index”

The definition of great content according to Rand is producing something truly impressive or the most amazing thing the web has ever seen!

Use followerwonk – when you find the influencers – mention them, talk about them get data from them survey them or ask them questions or have them pitch into an interview or make them film two minutes worth of video to you, because when you do, they invest in that content and re-share it for you

Integrated tactics

Social channels are a great way to build branded search so if you have a social channel and you can build that up, you can share content, you can share your brand you can share what you are doing and that can reach lots of people, and that can influence a lot of search results.

Rel=author – helps with branding and trust

Video XML sitemaps – you can embed a video on your webpages to host the content the CTR is tremendous

The Dirty Lie

The idea that social links do not convert is a lie, people are not necessarily converting instantly but they are eventually converting from social multi scale attribution. Visitors will come via a tweet link, branded search query and often convert on a direct visit. It would be crazy to base all success on analytics reporting.


Rand sees a future where search & social channels get combined in order to ‘win at SEO,  social media and content marketing’. Whatever you do via organic it has to be connected as it is so much more powerful when it is.

“Google Plus is not Google saying we want to build a social network, it is Google saying we need to build a moat around search, we need search to be protected, and in order for that search data to be good, we need to have social data”… enter search plus your world.


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