SocialSafe, the Social Network Back-Up Tool
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SocialSafe, the Social Network Back-Up Tool

18th April 2013

A few weeks back Bas approached me with a trial for a tool called SocialSafe for State of Digital. Due to the nature of the tool, I had to wait a little while to build up enough data to access its analytics features. So, after a bit of a wait, here is what I found out.

socialsafeicon What is it?

SocialSafe is a desktop based back up tool for your social networks which pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin; it backs up all your stuff. As it is a downloaded application, SocialSafe can’t see your data, you can set it to sync your accounts automatically every time you switch your computer on, or sync manually.

How it Works & How much it costs

Downloaded onto your desktop – to ensure SocialSafe doesn’t have any of your data – the tool syncs with your social networks. Obviously higher price plans mean you can sync more networks:

Per 12 months :

£4.99 will get you up to 4 Social Networks

£11.99 for 10

and £19.99 for 20

What you can Use it for

The possibilities embedded within this tool to be unlocked are pretty great; you can search, backup, use the new analytics features and pretty much have everything in one place.

Instead of merely listing the ways you can use this tool (this is State of Search, we are better than that!) I’m going to give you some little scenarios:

Scenario 1: The BackUp:

Boss *in style of Alvin the Chipmunk*: Oh-em-gee! One of our ex-employees Tweeted during a team meeting in which we were letting them all go and then destroyed all our connections, deleted our followers and got rid of all our Facebook photo albums!  I don’t know who it was and how we can track them down as 5 people had our log in details, wail!

HR *in style of Galadriel, Lady of Light*: Do not let your corduroys be troubled; we can assess our backed up Social Safe data to determine the time which everything started going wrong, find the foe and smite them with our Social Media policy. Oh, and the photos are all safe too. La la laa.

Scenario 2: The Searcher:

Client: Do you remember that post I wrote that one time about that thing and the stuff that bore some relation to the place I was doing something to do with whatever it was that I was thinking that day. Oh! I had a pink hat on.

Every-Digital-Marketer-ever: Yes.

Scenario 3: The Collector:

Boss: Okay, here are 12 log ins for all the social networks we currently use. I know it’s your first day, but what I want you to do is get to grips with them and find out what our most popular moments were over the past 12 months across all of them.

Not Boss: Good job I can do that in one place then, phew! Oh – can I have this Friday off?

Scenario 4: The Photo-nut

Photo Nut: Oh gosh, I LOVE that pictures of me where my hair is perfect, the light shines ever-so-gorgeously off my cheekbones, my clothes look amazing and from that angle I look at least 12 pounds skinnier. Oh, wait…I have to DOWNLOAD them all?! I’ve got a life you know!  (Pfft, who am I kidding, but Big Bang Theory is onand I don’t have time right now).

Me: I hear your pain, good job every photo I’m tagged in also uploads to my Social Safe so I can export them in one click. Sweet!

What networks does it back up?

Currently you can sync:

SocialSafe Networks



  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Pages
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • RSS Feed / Blog
  • Videao

With plans, I believe, to expand this selection.

Indeed, the progression in a short space of time with this tool.

When I first got it I couldn’t see any analytical data until an update a few weeks back. What’s more, it will shortly be releasing the Collections feature that will allow the better organisation of all this data – which can be shared and exported.

Is it worth it?

If I, which I have, went to my Clients with this tool and said – hey! Guess what I can do for you, I can back up ALL of your stuff for future reference, what do you think about that?  They, which they are, would be pretty chuffed.

It’s a great way to add a bit of an extra something you to the great work you provide your brands’ social media contracts.

While the analytics have a tiny bit of a way to go yet (again, I know they have plans to improve and expand) the data they give you is still useful:

SocialSafe Analytics

Social Safe Analytics

However, if you have any doubts I would urge you to drop them a Tweet @SocialSafe, email or a call – their sales team are brilliant.


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