Spain & Search Marketing: The 1st Edition

Spain & Search Marketing: The 1st Edition

25th October 2012

This is the first post of a new monthly series where I will be sharing with you the latest search marketing posts, resources and events in Spain.

I’m happy to be able to create this list with frequent information about the Spanish search Industry –and related disciplines– since although the activity is maybe not as hectic as in the US or UK there are surely happening a lot of things, that unfortunately sometimes go unnoticed internationally. Let’s start with the latest ones:


At the end of September a new edition of ClinicSEO –one of the main SEO events in Spain– was organized along eShow Madrid with talks about link building, strategy, analytics, international and e-commerce SEO. You can take a look here at the different SEO presentations.


Arturo Marimón did an excellent post summarizing his presentation at ClinicSEO that I especially enjoyed about frequent mistakes on our SEO strategies where he explains some SEO misconceptions and that:

  • A “cheap” SEO mentality can lead to penalization.
  • Not because our site has already been optimized from a development perspective we don’t need to do anything more.
  • A blog is enough to have quality content instead of developing a proper content strategy and plan.
  • Content is enough to attract links and we don’t need to promote it.
  • We need to focus on a number of links without connecting and engaging with our industry audience to earn natural visibility.

Other interesting SEO posts are the one of Lino Uruñuela analyzing the new Google disavow functionality where he also launched a test to disavow a link and see the results later this month and one of David Martín about the criteria to optimize a hotel site, where he points out how one of them (like many in this sector) use an internal directory instead of focusing on improving the site architecture, usability and internal link building.


Alfredo de Paz from Territorio Creativo give us some basic principles to measure ROI in Social Media, such as determining:

  • The costs of the social media presence and activity.
  • The value of a client.
  • The value per impression.
  • The value of cost reductions.
  • The value of tangible and intangible assets.

Spain Search Marketing StateAra Pérez also shared an infographic in the e-interactive blog with some thoughts and figures about Social Media in Spain –the 3rd country in Europe in level of influence from their circle–, such as that 91% of Web users in Spain are in social networks.

Web Analytics

Ricardo Tayar did a very creative presentation at Conversion Thursday Zaragoza about doing Web Analytics without using one of the typical Web Analytics Tools (like Google Analytics, Omniture, Chartbeat, Piwik. etc). but focusing instead on gathering data about what is not happening and what could happen, which is the information that typical Web analytics tools cannot provide since they focus on what is happening on our Website. To do this Ricardo gives us tips to take a closer look at other sources of information, such as:

  • Our email: Doing a subjective data and UX analysis
  • Multivariate and A/B testing
  • Forms Analysis
  • Clickmaps & Heatmaps
  • Your site internal Search Engine analysis
  • Google Webmaster Tools

Another very interesting post was the one of David Campañó with the finding of a parameter named “ved” in the URLs of the Google News results snippet that he used to track the amount of traffic referred by this source using Google Analytics.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Barbara Posila from shared with us 5 deadly sins to avoid in a buying process giving examples that are unfortunately found in Spanish sites:

  1. Don’t have the option to buy as a guest.
  2. Don’t have a newsletter opt-in.
  3. Ask for the same information more than one time.
  4. Don’t automatically fill the information that can be easily identified from the user.
  5. Don’t clearly communicate the shipping costs.

Online Strategy

Ivo Campos proposed a very resourceful model to define the best online marketing strategies for the different areas (Social Media, SEO, PPC, CRM, Web Analytics, UX) based on your business maturity, giving three different scenarios according to the level of sales goals, budget, team size and technology support.

Wrapping Up!

After seeing all this you wish to be able to speak Spanish don’t you? Just kidding! I’m here to help you with that 🙂

In case you´re a Spanish speaker and want me to take into consideration any of your Spanish posts for the following editions just let me know, I’m reachable on Twitter.


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