Spain & Search Marketing: The 4th Edition

Spain & Search Marketing: The 4th Edition

1st February 2013

Hola amigos! I’m back with a new edition of Spain & Search Marketing to share about the latest news in SEO, Social, Web Analytics and related search marketing disciplines in Spain.

Meet your Spanish SEO

If you want to meet more Spanish SEOs take a look at Carlos Pes interviews. The latest one is with Sico de Andrés, who’s a well known SEO specialist in Spain, author of the book “I want that my company appears in Google”. In the interview Sico comments about the relationship between SEO agencies and consultants and their clients, how he creates an SEO budget, among others. You can read here the entire English translated interview of Sico.

Social, Content and Mobile in your SEO strategy

Esther Checa shared with us 6 reasons and arguments to include Social, Content and Mobile as very important areas in your SEO strategy. You can read the full translated post here.

SEO Clinic about Conversion Rate Optimization

Last January 22 the first Clinic SEO of the year was organized in Barcelona. In this edition Natzir Turrado, Jordi Rosell and Jorge González had the opportunity to share with the audience about Conversion Rate Optimization. You can take a look at the recorded video of the event in Youtube.

Robots.txt for WordPress

I’m not a fan of blocking pages that are sensible of being linked (because of the potential link popularity loss) but if you are looking for a robots.txt configured to help you handle with all the duplicated content in WordPress, Felipe Garcia shared one that can be useful for your blog. You can take a look at the translated post here.

E-Bay Business Model Presentation

Javier Ortiz published a great presentation with an analysis about the E-Bay business model that he prepared when studying an MBA. A great resource if you look to learn more about how E-Bay works as an online based business.

Google: A friend or potential threat to your business?

Miguel Pascual published an interesting, thought provoking post about Google evolution and current situation, launching services that can become your own competitors. How to react and compete with Google? Read Miguel’s translated post.

Memorial Accounts in Facebook

Did you know that there are memorial accounts in Facebook for people who pass away? Patricia Salgado describes how they work and explains their importance from a sociological standpoint. Take a look at her translated article.

Bonus: Spanish made SEO Tool

Sometimes people ask me if there’s any SEO tool that has been developed in Spain, that they don’t know about and could try. My answer is: Try SEOGuardian, an SEO tool made in Spain but that also provides data about the UK, Brazil, Italy and Portugal. So if you’re working for an International SEO project, SEO Guardian can be very useful for your competition analysis.

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