Spain & Search Marketing: The 2nd Edition

Spain & Search Marketing: The 2nd Edition

6th December 2012

Spain is one of the countries in which a lot more is happening that we can see at this point. Aleyda Solis tries to get a grip the market by gathering some of the best of what happened in Spain. If you have tips, go to our tip page and send them to us!

There was certainly a lot of activity last November in Spain search marketing world. Let’s take a look at what happened that you cannot miss:


There was a new Spanish SEO book presentation last month: The new and very complete SEO book targeted to beginners, “Quiero que mi empresa salga en Google” (I want that my company appears in Google) by Sico de Andrés which is highly recommended if you start learning SEO in Spanish. Additionally, a couple of great posts published this month are:

Htaccess file configuration

Eduard Oliva shares with us in the Adrenalina blog useful recommendations along with the code to effectively configure our sites Htaccess file to activate the cache, gzip compression, personalize error pages, disallow hotlinking, implement 301 redirects, protect against SQL injections, etc.  Take a look at the Spanish post or the English translated version by Google.

Influencing Google Suggest with Content

Guillermo Valls published the results of an SEO experiment, where he influenced Google Suggest results with a new phrase that was not searched before (and that he didn’t use to generate new searches), by purely by publishing content including it  -as a video in YouTube, text content in many domains embedding the video-. You can read here the Spanish article or its Google translated version to English.

Web Analytics

Last week the Madrid Geek Girls organized a new edition of the Open Digital Day where they shared how to develop a Web analytics project from beginning to end. Additionally, many interesting articles have been written about Web Analytics last month:

Introducing Universal Analytics

Iñaki Huerta has published a fabulous series of posts about Universal Analytics: The first steps and functionalities (Spanish & Google Translated English), how the new tracking code works (Spanish & Google Translated English), how we can import our offline data (Spanish & Google Translated English) or change the bounce rate (Spanish & Google Translated English).

Sharing Web Analytics Maturity Models

Gemma Muñoz gives us an overview of the different Web Analytics Maturity Models and shares with us the one that the Mind Your Analytics team has developed. In their model they have differentiated two areas: analysis –data control, intelligent ROI management and online channel optimization– and integration –client targeting with a CRM and business intelligence–. Here’s the article in Spanish or the Google translated version.

Analyzing the EU Cookie Law Implementation

Bárbara Mackey analyzes in the Madrid Geek Girls blog how the EU cookie regulation has been implemented in the UK in a number of sites without negatively affecting the user experience and asks about the situation in Spain.  You can read the original article in Spanish or its Google translated version.

Online Business

What’s going on with the Spanish online business?

E-Commerce transactions grow 13%

El País published the most recent data about the E-Commerce activity in Spain. With a business volume of 2.640 millions of Euros between April and June 2012 the E-Commerce sector continues to grow with 13% over the same period last year, although slowing down from the 19% of growth achieved at the beginning of the year. Take a look at the original post in Spanish or its Google translated version.

Analysis of a failure in an online business

Rafa Jiménez of Desmarkt published a very honest and admirable post analyzing the reasons behind the failure of one of his online companies –a lead generator in the industrial sector–. He shares with us things to take into consideration when launching a new project –such as having passion, keeping simplicity, watching the competition, quantifying development delays, among others.– and what he has learned from this experience which he can apply to his other successful online businesses.  Read the original Spanish post or its translated version.

Do you want me to take into consideration something that you have published in Spanish for the next edition? Just let me know


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