Spain & Search Marketing: The 3rd Edition

Spain & Search Marketing: The 3rd Edition

9th January 2013

Hola amigos!

It’s time to update you about the latest in the Spanish search industry (and related areas) that despite the holiday season had an interesting activity that will make you want to learn Spanish!

Let’s start with it … 

Spain Search Update December 2012


Contests, scripts, trends & thought provoking posts:   

Useful Google Spreadsheets Scripts

Jose B. Moreno shared with us a very useful post sharing two Google Spreadsheets functions that can be very handy for an SEO analysis: one that eliminates stopwords and another to calculate the Levenshtein distance.

ForoBeta SEO Contest

One of the biggest forums of the SEO industry in the Spanish speaking world launched an attractive SEO contest. The participants will need to rank for the keyword “seorimícuaro” (a word that doesn’t really exist in Spanish) in the different Google versions for Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Peru and the winning price is more than 2,500 Dollars. The contest will end on April 6 and I will definitely let you know who’s the winner.

Two thought provoking SEO posts about our Industry situation

One of Miguel López analyzing (in his characteristic funny tone) Google’s stance about the access to its information that ended-up making Raven Tools to stop  providing rankings. The second is a Tana Ligato’s post,  where she comments about how one of the most famous Spanish bloggers complained about receiving a link buying request and the morale behind the “link buying” practices.

SEO Trends for 2013

A great post by Miguel Orense where he shares how SEO in 2013 is a bit of a back to basics, to good content, effective analysis and conversion.

Web Analytics

Sampling, virtual pages & events: 

Solve Google Analytics sampling problems

Natzir Turrado proposes 4 solutions to overcome Google Analytics sampling issue. From a higher precision to reducing the sample, using advanced filters or buying Google Analytics Premium.

Virtual Pages vs Events

Paula Sánchez tells us about the differences between virtual pages and events in Google Analyticsm when to select one or the other and how to use them.

Special Seasonality Campaign

The best joke from The Innocents’ Day goes to… : 

Last December 28 was The Innocents’ Day, which is the equivalent in the Spanish speaking world to the April Fool’s day, a day for pranks when you should not believe everything you read or watch. The best action I saw this year was the one of Pepe Car, a car hire company that created a “fake” page to hire the cars of famous movies or series: The Tumbler from Batman Begins, the Delorean from Back to the Future, KITT  from Knight Rider, among many other . When you try to hire any of these cars you get a funny, personalized message for each car and movie telling you’re “innocent”. The repercussion this action had in social networks, especially Twitter was huge.

As usual, if you have any information that you want me to take into consideration just let me know.

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