Special Advertisement opportunities on State of Search at SES London 2011

Special Advertisement opportunities on State of Search at SES London 2011

3rd February 2011

As you know we are covering SES London 2011. We’ve already started doing that with the speakers interviews and you can expect a lot more from us at SES, not just because we do postings, but we will also be trying to broadcast live from SES (if the connection works with us). We’ll be every where, on the radio, on Twitter, on the site. You name it.

SES will be a week in which we will see a lot of extra traffic on State of Search. We’re already doing great, but we’re expecting a lot more in that week. And we’d like to offer you a piece of that pie. And in the mean time you’ll be helping the site produce the best stuff we can give you!

We are offering a special advertisement opportunity during SES London. See below our different options. But the best part of it is: it is cheaper than ever, with a huge discount and you are not “stuck” to it, it’s only for that specific week if you want.

The options:

  • A 125 x 125 banner on the homepage
  • A big banner on the homepage (only 1 available!)
  • A banner in the header
  • A side banner on our event page
  • A side banner next to our event-posts
  • Square banners next to the event-posts
  • A mention in our Twitterstream!
  • A newsletter ad in our special event newsletter
  • Sponsoring a specific blogger on the event (help pay for his or her expenses getting there)
  • Or any other option you would like to discuss

* Prizes are not published on the site but can be gotten through contacting us.

Interested? Get in touch using the form below or e-mail webmaster @ stateofdigital.com and we’ll get things sorted out!

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