Starting Next Week: The State of Search Euro 2012 Roadshow

Starting Next Week: The State of Search Euro 2012 Roadshow

1st June 2012

It is again time for something new and special at State of Search! Next week is the start of Euro 2012, one of the biggest events in Europe. Football teams from around Europe will meet up, but State of Search meanwhile will do the same and let SEO’s meet up.

Jo Turnbull, a freelance SEO consultant and organiser of Search London which holds events every 4 to 6 weeks featuring key search professionals in the industry, will be traveling around Europe during Euro 2012. And while she is doing that she will be trying to meet up with SEO’s from around Europe, learning what triggers them and what makes them different from others. From all of this she will report back to us on State of Search.

Your chance to be on State of Search!

Jo will be bringing her camera and notebook to make sure she captures how the different European countries ‘do their SEO’ and watch the games. This means she wants to talk to you. You could be the one interviewed on State of Search, so make sure you meet up with wherever Jo is.

Euro 2012

Jo will be travelling during Euro 2012 and will be in Berlin for the Germany vs Portugal game on Saturday June 9th and will be in Prague for the Czech Rep vs Greece game on Tuesday the 12th of June. Find below the dates and cities Jo will be visiting in Europe.

“Europe’s State of Search Euro 2012 Roadshow” will take part between June 6th and July 6th 2012. Jo Turnbull will be visiting 11 cities in 31 days and would like to speak to those who work in search in some of these places. She would like to find out what search is like in these countries and will be blogging for State of Search during her time in Europe. Jo will also be uploading photos from her trip with fellow search professionals in the respective countries.

Connect with Jo

Jo will want to capture how the different countries are looking at Euro 2012 and wants to see the games, together with other SEOs. So can you help her out? Can you tell her where she should watch the games? Or even watch the games with her?

Please contact Jo Turnbull if you would like to have a chat with her about what search is like in your industry either via the State of Search Facebook page which she will be updating regularly or by getting in touch via the State of Search website.

Berlin – 6th of June to 10th of June
Prague – 10th of June to 13th of June
Budapest – 13th of June to 16th of June
Bratislava – 16th of June to 19th of June
Vienna – 19th of June to 21st of June
Salzburg – 21st of June to 24th of June
Verona – 24th of June to 26th of June
Florence – 26th of June to 28th of June
Pisa – 29th of June (day trips)
Siena – 30th of June (day trips)
Rome – 1st of July to 6th of July


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Jo Juliana Turnbull is the organiser of Search London and the founder of SEO Jo Blogs, which provides practical advice and tips for those in SEO.
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