Starting Today: Guest Post series: Looking From A Different Perspective

Starting Today: Guest Post series: Looking From A Different Perspective

18th July 2012

Every summer we try to do something ‘special’ here on State of Search. Last year we did a series of summer interviews (like this one with Chris Sherman) and we’ve done a guest post series as well (also at the end of last year). This year we are again treating you to some new and exciting guest post content from some of the industries finest.

The guest post series has a special character to it. We’ve asked every guest blogger to write us a story, but not just ‘any’ story, one with a different perspective than usual. We’ve asked them to take a subject and then look at it from the opposite perspective. Now I do this as a exercise at my training sessions, to get people to think from a client or visitor perspective instead of their own, and I can tell you: this is very difficult to do. Stepping away from your own views and looking at those of others seems easy, but isn’t. Maybe the posts you will read in the next few weeks will help.

In the next few weeks every day, except for the Fridays you will be treated to a guest post at 14.30 UK time, 15.30 European time. So keep your eyes, readers, twitter feeds and Facebook feeds open and enjoy the content!

Guest bloggers

Here is an overview of the bloggers you can be expecting in the next few weeks, starting with Matt Roberts today!

Matt Roberts Rishi Lakhani Gemma Birch Timon Hartung Roy Huiskes
Ben Norman Andy Betts Kevin Gibbons Carly Wood Martin McDonald



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