State of Search’ Jackie Hole named European Search Personality of the Year

This evening in Barcelona the European Search Awards were handed out. State of Search has been covering this throughout the evening. All the winners have been written down by our very own Jackie Hole.

What Jackie didn’t know throughout the entire time she was writing things down is that the last award to be handed out was handed out to….. her!!

Jackie has been awarded the ‘European Search Personality of the Year’ Award by the judging panel of the European Searchawards because of her endless efforts to help the industry around the world and especially Europe. She traveled everywhere to help set up stands, promote things and of course write for State of Search!

Jackie Image 1

Jackie always made sure things were arranged for those attending conferences, whether it was drinks or food. And all for no other reason than being nice. She also was responsible for taking tons of pictures and being very active socially.

We at State of Search are extremely proud of Jackie and want to congratulate her with her well deserved award!
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  1. Haha – yes I didn’t have a clue! Such an honour and thank you so much for the nomination and votes – feels amazing to be voted Search Personality of the Year by so many people that I respect and admire – I am looking forward to rocking out for the year before I hand over the crown to another worthy winner!! 😀

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