State of Search top 10 posts for April 2011

There is a lot of great content being published on State of Search. You might not ‘catch’ them all. So here is an overview of the best read posts which were published in April 2011.

1. Behind the Code in the Hoxton Hotel’s £1 Sale – by Sam Crocker
2. Google puts your address in the SERPS, shows it to your social circle – by Bas van den Beld
3. Pouring Water on the Panda – UK Observations and Data Cautions Regarding Price Comparison – by Nichola Stott
4.The ultimate social media cheat sheet (infographic) – by Bas van den Beld
5. Link Building – Don’t Just Throw Mud Against a Wall – by Guest post by @paddymoogan)
6. Bing’s European boss Cedric Chambaz: “Search is a very personal experience” – by Bas van den Beld
7. Dark Patterns: how “Black Hat design” can influence behavior – by Bas van den Beld
8. More Lessons from The Hoxton Hotel’s £1 Sale – April 2011– by Sam Crocker
9. Linkdex review: a tool as your new SEO assistant – by Bas van den Beld
10. Day to day SEO for Content Producers: The Story of Karen Gillan’s Underwear – by Annabel Hodges

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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.