The State of SEO Now in 2015
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The State of SEO Now in 2015

6th March 2015

As we pointed out yesterday, a new (free) e-book has published. Now that is not news as such, but when it’s about SEO and when we and that many State of Digital people are involved, of course it is :). The e-book from Linkdex is written by industry experts and we take pride in the fact that no less than seven of the authors are closely connected to State of Digital, being either a current or past blogger or part of the Friday Commentary. Let me highlight our team members here, simply because we are proud of them, but also because the content they’ve provided is high quality.


Gianluca Fiorelli: on SEO Strategy

gianluca-fiorelliFirst of all there is Gianluca Fiorelli. This Spanish/Italian miracle worker is responsible for many great posts here on State of Digital and now provides us with valuable information about how an SEO Strategy should be structured. He explains that he believes the “core meaning of SEO in 2015 isn’t much different than what it has always been: a technical marketing discipline. Technical aspects of SEO are still essential, but technical SEO alone isn’t enough to obtain visibility and backlinks.

Gianluca discusses Budgeting For SEO (“Ideally SEO should be budgeted inside the marketing budget”), Brands (“a brand’s online digital presence is the same now as their offline reality”), SEO in Transition (he believes we are in the middle of a transition phase) and SEOs & The Bigger Marketing Picture (“Marketing, in fact, is so faceted and so complex that it can’t all be reduced to SEO”).

Gianluca really dives into the core of SEO, why it is important. A must read chapter!

Read the complete chapter in the e-book

Aleyda Solis: on International SEO

Aleyda Solis - International SEOWe’re staying in the south of Europe where our top contributor from last year Aleyda Solis talks about International SEO. This is a topic which is getting a lot more interest in the past few years and Aleyda is just the right person to talk about that. In her chapter Aleyda starts with explaining why International SEO is so important. It means “new opportunities to expand and diversify your business’s organic search visibility and conversions” after all.

Aleyda talks about Reach & Understand Your Global Audience, focussing on keyword research as well as brand recognition. She explains what mistakes we should try to avoid making (“researching if an action makes sense in every particular country, based on the audience search behavior, needs, preferences, or the existing competition level.” and she highlights SEO opportunities for International Brands.

Her big advice: go global NOW, there is a huge opportunity waiting for you!

Read the complete chapter in the e-book

Barry Adams: on Technical SEO

barry-winsIf you’re looking for a many with a strong opinion, Barry Adams is your man. The good thing about Barry is that his opinion is always supported by knowlegde. In the e-book Barry talks about Technical SEO, something he does with us on a regular basis as well.

Barry is proud to be part of the e-book:

You don’t often get a chance to hear from the people at the cutting edge of their craft. SEO Now 2015 is full of the latest insights from the search industry’s sharpest minds, so grab it while you can.

In his chapter Barry starts of with a typical ‘Barry statement’: “Search engines – Google especially – move the goalposts all the time.” This means tactics are difficult to maintain, but he does point out some tactical and mostly strategical ways of thinking that are important: mobile for example:

“If you aren’t taking mobile users seriously, don’t expect them to take you seriously.”

Barry also points out why Technical SEO should be top priority: “Technical SEO is about laying the foundation”.

Barry’s chapter is a must read to understand the importance of Technical SEO.

Read the complete chapter in the e-book

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Daniel Bianchini: on SEO Reporting

daniel-bianchiniThe final ‘current’ State of Digtal blogger is Daniel Bianchini, known for his great content on different topics. In the e-book Daniel talks about SEO Reporting, a hugely important but underestimated part of SEO.

Daniel is very clear. He believes that “In 2015, brands will move further toward an online marketing target, with each channel playing their part in that goal.”

He focusses on different elements and believes on-site metrics that matter are depending on the campaign that you are running, pointing out that “landing page performance is crucial”.

When it comes to off-site metrics Daniel believe reporting is important and should reflect what is really happening: “If through your campaign, you have generated coverage within high-quality publications, then you should report it.”

It’s the data that matters and Daniel gives some really nice insights in SEO Storytelling through that data, which then can be reported back.

Read the complete chapter in the e-book

Next there are our current Friday Commentary contribiturs, two of which have been a monthly contributor in the past. We gave you full access to Paddy Moogan‘s chapter on link building yesterday, but there is more.

Hannah Smith: Content Strategy

Hannah Smithhannah-smith is turning into one of the must-listen-to-experts when it comes to Content Marketing. Her chapter on Content Strategy is exactly in line with that (and with what she wrote for us before). Personally this statement says a lot for me:

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It is the core of her chapter.  She points out that “Only 35 percent of B2B marketers said they had a documented content strategy”, which is very little.

Hannah also stresses that “creating link-worthy content shouldn’t be the beginning and end of your content strategy”, there is much more to aim for.

In the chapter she gives us three content creation pitfalls and takes us through being ready for what might happen.

A must read chapter which embeds both strategy as well as hands on tactics.

Read the complete chapter in the e-book

Jose Truchado: Travel

Jose-TruchadoFinally there is Jose Truchado, one of our Friday Commentary experts. Jose knows all about travel, so it makes sense that he writes about that topic.

Jose makes things clear straight away: he believes that “SEO in 2015 will have three clear areas of focus: technical (on-site) SEO, mobile usability, and content marketing.”

SEO today means being smarter about the content you display on your site. Jose goes deeper into these topics, highlighting mobile and content (“Display content in a smarter way on your sites.”) and explains how brands should evolve and adapt. Google does, so brands should as well. Brands should be giving customized experiences.

Jose believes that travel sites still have a lot to gain there:

“I don’t think travel sites are using all the resources that mobile technology can offer.”

His biggest tip: Keep Optimizing, Testing, Improving

Read the complete chapter in the e-book

Interested in the complete e-book? It’s available for free download here.



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