Search Engine Marketing and the web in general is changing in a rapid mode. We are constantly seeing new developments, new tools and new ways of thinking. But how does that affect us? At State of Search we are trying to take a look at just that. We do that by writing great content. But we would also like to know how you feel about it.

In order to be able to find out the meaning of some developments State of Search has set up a State of Search panel. In this panel we are asking people inside and outside of the industry questions to find out how people feel about developments and what we should do with the developments.

With this panel we will try to get a grip on whats going on in online marketing in general and search marketing in specific. And we off course want you to be part of it! And its very easy. Fill in the form below and you will be signed up for the panel.

Want to be part of the panel?

If you want to be part of the panel, sign up right here and start sharing your thoughts!

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What can you expect?

Whenever there are ‘urgent’ topics to question the industry about we will be sending out a short questionnaire to find out your opinion. At the same time a topic in our specific Linkedin group (which is a closed group, only for those who are part of the panel) will be opened where you can discuss the matter with other members of the panel.

What will we do with the results?

Off course setting up the panel and asking the questions will provide us with very interesting data. We will off course be sharing that information in blogposts.

“What’s in it for me”?

As a member of the panel you will however have more benefits. You will receive whitepapers and full reports from the research we do so you will have access to the data for your own benefit.


We care a lot about your privacy so rest assure that we will be ‘disconnecting’ the data from personal information. We will be asking for stuff like age/gender etcetera but we will only use that data to analyze the results. It will be impossible to determine who gave which answer.

Any questions about the panel? E-mail us and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.