Students Create Their own Streetview on Campus

Students Create Their own Streetview on Campus

14th January 2013

Google is a dominant force in the online world, we know that. It really is everywhere. With Google Streetview it is even getting in our streets and who knows where it will go.

Streetview is something which has lead to a lot of discussion around the globe. There are the funny images we get to see and there are the privacy issues for example. But Streetview is also an example.

In The Netherlands Streetview was an example for a project last September for the University of Wageningen. There over a 1000 freshmen made their own Streetview during their introduction week, using 500 smartphones. The result is “Student Streetview”, entirely made by students.

Here is the introduction video that “Student Streetview” made:


The result

The result is interesting and very nice. If you go to you will be redirected to their Facebook Page where you can see the street view in action. The only ‘nasty’ thing here is that you need to “Like” the page before you can use it, but once you have you can ‘walk around’ campus easily.


The Streetview is not ‘perfect’, but to be honest, neither is Google’s Streetview. In this case you can only go forward and backwards, not turn left or right. This is because the students were all set up in a line spread over 3 buildings and 11 floors. You are following that line. It shows a handy little map in the top right corner showing where you are on that specific line.


The funny thing is that you actually see students taking pictures, on the pictures.


Why is this interesting?

The project is interesting because it serves several purposes at once. There is the ‘introduction week’ purpose, which is that students get to know each other and the campus. This absolutely helps with that. Next to that it is education which starts right away. Students get an idea of how big a project like Streetview actually is. How difficult or easy it is to make and what the effect is of the work they’ve done towards others.

But for us marketers it is also interesting to look at the marketing effect of this. It shows the campus and the students, which makes it a very personal experience for potential students thinking about going to college there. So both social, technology, learning and marketing play a role here.

What do you think?


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