A summer interview with… Lisa Myers (@lisadmyers): “I’m “baking” a baby”

A summer interview with… Lisa Myers (@lisadmyers): “I’m “baking” a baby”

6th July 2010

There are many great search-experts out there. We decided we wanted to give some extra attention to some of them. Therefore we will be interviewing some of these experts. During the entire summer you will be served with short interviews with influential people in the industry. You will be seeing interviews with the likes of Joost de Valk, Marcus Tandler, Chris Sherman, Mike Grehan and Danny Sullivan, and off course our bloggers! Be aware that some interviews will be published in the newsletter!

Today: the co-founder of this blog: Lisa Myers.

1- Can you introduce yourself in one paragraph?

Things that makes me happy: my husband, my daughter Lily’s laugh and hugs, smell of lemon, rosemary, talking to a friend for hours over a cup of tea, homemade bread, a good book, Sunday breakfast with the papers, feeling my baby kick…Things that make me go “uhm”: blinding hot weather, pickled herring and raw fish/sushi (yuk I don’t care I’m Norwegian, that’s disgusting), when I forget things (it happens more often than I would like), unfairness and arrogant people.

Oh and yeah in the SEO world: I’m the CEO and owner of UK Search and Social Media agency, Verve Search. Founder of SEO-Chicks.com and co-founder of this blog, actually J Although not many knows that as Bas does most of the work

2- What are you doing this summer?

I’m “baking” a baby mostly, I’m due my second child in early October so this summer consists of me waddling around complaining about the heat, looking a bit like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H23bCGYElj0 Oh and we also found out it’s another girl so I got this made up (and on the back it says “my mummy is a geek”…)

I’m also moving house in a few weeks and taking my driving test (it’s shameful being 32, have 2 kids, own your own company but not actually being able to drive a car). I have a tendency to cram all hectic things into a few months, last year I started my own company, quit smoking and got married in the space of a few months.

3- What is the most hottest subject in search at the moment, what should every SEO be looking into?

The new series; Spartacus – Blood and Sand on TV(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2CqtNeRK_w )….I’m obsessed…Oh right you mean actual SEO stuff, sorry the word “hottest” got me sidetracked, have you seen Spartacus in his full glory?…Ok seriously, SEO, well for us Google Places and Google Products is really hot, but mostly because we have several new ecommerce clients, it also took us a while to get on board with the tweaks of Google Places last month which was a bugger.

4- What do you think is the “state of search” at the moment, is the industry doing good?

I think the industry is doing really good, at Verve Search it’s not looking like the summer is going to slow down, we are as busy as ever, which is great. I went to “The Online Marketing Show” in London this week and it’s was pretty packed, and not only packed of other suppliers but actually people looking for suppliers, actual customers, hallelujah.

5- What is your favourite website, apart from your own?

It’s not SEO related but I love Geraldine’s blog http://www.everywhereist.com/. She is a great writer and really makes me laugh with her stories of her little escapades. Come to think of it I think I might be a bit obsessed with Rand’s wife, probably because she is the only one I know that doesn’t think I’m rude….like at all…oh and Julie Joyce of course, she actually thinks I’m funny, I know right? Weird..

6- Can “social marketing / media” and search survive apart from each other?

No it’s no apart from each other now, it’s just words, it’s what you do that is important. Whether you call it link bait, social media, online pr….it’s marketing a website off your site. It’s merged….I’ve changed the position of my agency as being explained as a SEO & Social Media agency as it suits positioning better. But the end of the day it’s not the words you use that matters but the action you make…People are too obsessed about terminology these days.

7- What’s your search tip for the summer?

My tip is don’t check your blackberry/iPhone/Palm (whoever have those things) when you are on holiday, take a proper break. Being in the “real life” just makes us better search professionals. But as soon as you get back visit State of Search of course 😉


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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