A summer interview with… Marcus Tandler (@mediadonis): “Infographics – they work pretty well these days”

A summer interview with… Marcus Tandler (@mediadonis): “Infographics – they work pretty well these days”

13th July 2010

There are many great search-experts out there. We decided we wanted to give some extra attention to some of them. Therefore we will be interviewing some of these experts. During the entire summer you will be served with short interviews with influential people in the industry. You will be seeing interviews with the likes of Joost de Valk, Marcus Tandler, Chris Sherman, Mike Grehan and Danny Sullivan, and off course our bloggers! Be aware that some interviews will be published in the newsletter!
Today: One of Europe’s finest and definitely German’s hottest and hippest SEO: Marcus Tandler

1- Can you introduce yourself in one paragraph?

Hey, I´m Marcus – I´m an online-marketer and compulsive entrepreneur from munich / germany. I´m blogging for different blogs (besides the obvious Mediadonis.net, which is more like a personal diary, the german JOBlog
is the oldest blog I blog for). I also twitter, podcast etc. etc. Just whatever´s coming along 🙂 … I got an online-marketing consulting company together with my friend & partner Niels Dörje, who used to be the head of strategic partnership development in the EMEA region for Google. We focus on strategic online-marketing, as well as hands on SEO for organic & universal search.

2- What are you doing this summer?

Working 🙂

3- What is the most hottest subject in search at the moment, what should every SEO be looking into?

Universal Search! Over half of all SERPs already got universal search results in them, so good SEOs should not only focus on becoming No.1 for a specific keyword, they should aim higher, and try to claim every piece of property in the SERPs, they can possibly get! If a keyword is converting well for you, why wouldn´t you try to get more clicks out of it?

4- What do you think is the “state of search” at the moment, is the industry doing good?

The industry has definitely become more mature over the last couple of years. Unfortunatly this means, that you see a lot more suits running around at conferences these days, but it´s great for the industry itself, cause with the suits, comes the big money from the big companies 🙂

5- What is your favorite website, apart from your own?

Google 🙂

6- Can “social marketing / media” and search survive apart from each other?

Sure they can. There´s a lot of social media folks, that don´t care about search, and vice versa. BUT a good online-marketer should always try to get the best out of both worlds, and utilize social media to not only get visitors, but also gain some value for their SEO efforts!

7- What’s your search tip for the summer?

Infographics – they work pretty well these days 🙂 (ok – yes, there seem to be way too much already, but as I said -> they work pretty damn well 🙂 …)


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