Summer Series: Tell us about Your First Year(s)!

Summer Series: Tell us about Your First Year(s)!

24th June 2015

At State of Digital we believe in several things: we believe in education, we believe in a community that makes each other better marketers and we believe that the younger, less experienced in the industry are hugely important. That is why we bring in the biggest talents in Digital Marketing to write for us. That is also why we have a continuous stream of high quality content on the site and from time to time we bring you the best whitepapers and webinars as well.

What we do every year is a “summer special“. Every summer we look at the industry to bring together the above. We’ve had our Summer School Interviews, we’ve had guest post series and more.

This year we are looking at the industry again. But this time it’s not ‘just’ the industry. Not the already accomplished (and in some cases award winning) experts in the industry, but we are looking at the youngsters. The talent in the digital marketing industry that has just started working in the last two years.

We want to hear from these talents about how they’ve experienced their first year(s) in the industry. Their personal experiences. What was challenging, what was exciting, what was disappointing? We want to know it all!

We invite those in the industry that have started working in the last two years to share their experience in a blogpost. Our editorial team will then look at it and if the story fits the needs of the State of Digital audience, we will publish your article this summer on State of Digital!

Your experiences could be featured on State of Digital this summer. How cool would that be!?

We will also be looking for the best post of the summer, so when you get your post in, be sure to make it a good one, there are some great rewards at the end of the summer waiting for you!

Fill in the form below to claim your spot. Do so before the first of July to get going!

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Suggest someone!

Are you working longer than 2 years? Maybe one of your colleagues or friends should join in? You can suggest someone here:

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Ground Rules and Guidelines

To make sure each one gets a fair shot at fame, there are some ‘ground rules’ to entering:

* Once you’ve signed up you will receive a confirmation of entering and a link to where you can enter your article
* Sign up for this in the upcoming week, before July 1st!
* We want the articles to be with us before July 8 2015, that is your deadline!
* Each article has to be at least 500 words and maximum 1200 words (more or less) long
* Any links that are un-necesary will be removed by the editorial team
* You can only enter if you’ve started working in a digital marketing role in the last 24 months, so after June 1st 2013!
* Images provided in the articles have to be right-free
* Standard ‘rules’ apply: no insulting, sticking to Google guidelines, no copyright violations etcetera
* The topic is your choice as long as it is about your experiences working in the industry in the past 2 years. This could be about events you attended, changes you’ve seen with networks like Google or Facebook, how people behave, how you learn, what was interesting, what was surprising, etcetera. Just a tip: we LOVE the more personal stories ;-).
* The winners of the best posts will be chosen based on quality (a jury will look at the articles) in combination with popularity (social).


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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