7 steps to decide which awards to enter

With the ever growing list of awards in the business and marketing industry, it is becoming more important to understand which ones you should and shouldn’t enter. I have put together a list of seven things that I take into consideration before entering an award.

Introducing The Landy Awards 2015

2015 brings the launch of “The Landy Awards” which have been put together by the team over at Search Engine Land. The awards have been created to recognise agencies and in-house marketing teams as well as the key individuals within the digital marketing industry.

The Transparency of the Search Awards

There has been a lot of scrutiny over the credibility and honesty of some of the awards in the digital marketing industry over the years and in some cases, I believe there is justification for these claims. In this post, Samantha Noble looks into what makes the Search Awards transparent in the way they run their awards.