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The Dos and Don’ts When Speaking to a Blogger

Blogger outreach has been one of those tricky tactics that PRs and SEOs mostly get wrong. They understand that bloggers are a very influential bunch and that they are slowly taking over magazine readership figures. What most PRs seem to easily forget is that the reason why bloggers and internet figures are so influential is because they are highly opinionated individuals who enjoy disseminating their personal views!

How to do PR without a Press Release

Until recent years, the humble press release used to be an important piece of ammo to a PR’s arsenal. Nowadays, PR doesn’t need to be dictated by a sharply written piece of copy, nor is there a need for gumph to make a story or a brand compelling.

The Blogger and the Brand

Bloggers have become more important in the past few years. Jodie Harris provides a commentary on the relational evolution between brands and bloggers.