The Heart of Artificial Intelligence

If Artificial Intelligence is by definition “artificial”, how can it have a heart or emotions? But as the brain child of feeling people, how can it not have a heart? Read more about how to define AI and the outcomes we should expect from it.

Growing your SEO Knowledge

Trying to get ahead in SEO? If you’re new to the industry, here are Hannah Thorpe’s top tips for learning as much as you can and improving your SEO skills.

21 Months in Digital Marketing: Why I’m Still Here

Like many young ‘professionals’ (for lack of a better term) who have found themselves in a job almost straight after graduating, and having to watch friends, acquaintances, and those Facebook ‘friends’ you never talk to, pack up and head off to sun-kissed lands to ‘find themselves’, I often ask myself what I’m doing, or more precisely, why I’m doing it. The answer? Read on and find out.