Major Trends in Paid Search [Report]

Paid Search is one of the oldest and most important digital marketing industries. Anders Hjorth from Innovell has created an in-depth report that shows the major trends in paid search, including agency compositions, key tactics, and where the market is headed.

AdWords Copywriting Magic Recipe

Ad Copywriting is an inexact science (assuming it can be called a science), but you can still count on several founding criteria to maximize the performance of your ads. Here you will find all the most powerful AdWords applications.

The Golden 8W Rule for PPC Campaign Planning

What to ask before setting an online advertising campaign is as vital to a PPC professional as knowing perfectly how to set the structure of your ads and how to work on the platform you are going to use. This is a quick checklist of questions to ask to be sure you are not missing important information to set a successful AdWords, Bing, Linkedin or Facebook Ads campaign.