Searchlove 2013

Searchlove London – Day 2 Recap

Search has changed and the area of expertise an SEO has gotten wider passing the years.
What was once a mostly only-technical profession, right now must open to topics and disciplines that are usually the gaming field of other disciplines or that especially focus on the once overlooked word of (Search) Marketing.
This wider complexity was well represented by the different nature of the speaker intervening at Searchlove and the topics they talked about.

Searchlove, a Personal Journey

When I wrote the recap of ProSEO London 2010, that was the name of Searchlove back on those days, the most important takeaway I had was that “in order to be better SEOs we must be able to copernically revert the way we think. When we do SEO, actually we work on how people search, wander, desire, and learn on the Internet.”
After four years – and after the LinkLove euthanasia previously this year – Searchlove now is not about SEO in the strict old term: it’s about SEO as an Inbound channel.