Social Media

Why Twitters’ 10,000 limit is a big mistake

Earlier this week the news came out that Twitter is considering raising the character limit to 10,000. This provoked a lot of discussion. Bas van den Beld looks at why this choice would be a big mistake. For Twitter as well as for the entire web.

Is social media changing our brain?

Is social media changing our brain? In this article from Briony Gunson, find out what a British neuroscientist has to say on the impact of social media & internet technology on the human brain.

Two short years…

This post details my personal digital marketing journey from graduating with a BSc Honours in Marketing, my struggle to find employment, my embarking on an adventure to set-up my own social media marketing business and becoming a Social Media Executive at a great digital marketing agency in Belfast, working with an innovative team of digital marketing savvy people. It details my experiences and the opportunities that have been presented to me in two short years.

Jack’s Adventures in Twitterland

After years of Twitter failure, I decided that it was time to get it right. Through analysing my past performance, carrying out interviews and reading a whole load of research, I confronted my Twitter shortcomings head on. I documented every stage of the process, and picked up a huge amount of Twitter knowledge along the way. I am proud to present what I achieved in this process, and more importantly to share what I have learned.

Harnessing the power of Social Media

It can be hard to get social media working for your business. Laura Crimmons showcases several campaigns that have harnassed the power of social media effectively, and concludes with a few tips on how to put this in to practice yourself.