Taking Your Kids to Work: Fun At Google in 1999

Taking Your Kids to Work: Fun At Google in 1999

4th April 2012

Taking your kids to work is something special. Taking your kids to your work if your work is Google is something else.

Everybody knows the ‘reputation’ of the Google Plex. Working there is a treat. Whether or not that has become better or worse over the last decade is a different discussion, but back in 1999 it sure looked like a treat.

In this video an ex-Googler has taken his kids, back in 1999, to his work, which then was Google. He just started working there and took his kids to the office when nobody was there. It definitely is ‘just’ a home video, but it does give a little bit of insight into the ‘fun part’ of working for Google back in 1999.

Too bad the video is not embeddable on the site but we didn’t want to withhold it from you. Watch it here.


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