Targeting a German Audience – A guide to Success – Andre Alpar – #SMXISS

Targeting a German Audience – A guide to Success – Andre Alpar – #SMXISS

14th May 2012

Andre Alpar started by detailing his background as an online entrepreneur. He has spent the last 3 years at Rocket internet which is a company that makes companies.

German SEO tactic trends:

  • Internationalisation is not driven by SEO
  • SEO is keeping up above average compared to other online marketing channels
  • Reengineering fits really well with the German soul
  • Lively scene filled with pocket money affiliates, agencies, in-house SEOs
  • Much information is available in German
  • No interference from other top level domains in the SERPs
  • There is a lot of testing and experimenting
  • Share these in closed circles
  • A good part of the real spam is originated in Germany
  • Some of the best tools are from Germany – Searchmetrics, Sistrix and SEOlytics, Andre uses these types of tools more than Google itself and can’t think of being an SEO without them.
  • In Germany there are a lot of hats. Most tend towards grey and black, especially in competitive markets.
  • Supposedly the Google spam report gets used the most in Germany which leads to advanced link acquisition methods. They assume all links will be evaluated by Google and build links accordingly. They also crawl the websites that they get links from to make sure they don’t cross the line by accepting dodgy links in the future.
  • In short Germany is a very competitive market and Germans buy a lot of links
  • Only Facebook gets away with a .com domain. Germans also love the – character.


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