Tentative Steps into Twitter Advertising #BiddableWorld

Tentative Steps into Twitter Advertising #BiddableWorld

27th January 2014


Last week saw the first ever Conference dedicated to paid search and display in the UK  – Biddable World. Long overdue and much needed in the industry to help take paid search and its practicioners to the next level.

Jon Myers the ‘Grandaddy’ of paid search opened the conference with a historical trip down PPC memory lane. Where it started, where it is going and of course the fact that we are all happy to see that PPC and display have come such a long way to become an essential part of any marketing mix instead of just ‘that Google advertising thing that burns your money’. 🙂

All of the sessions were insightful, informative and even seasoned PPC-ers took away actionable advice. As such, we’ve decided to break down some of the sessions that we found to be the most valuable instead of the usual wrap up!

The first talk of the day was from Heather Robinson at Skittish Media.

Tentative Steps into Twitter Advertising

Heather Robinson – Skittish Media@_skittish

If you haven’t started thinking about promoted tweets – now may be a good time to start.

  • Promoted Tweets (newsfeed)
  • Promoted Accounts (who to follow section)
  • Promoted Trends (trends)

Ways to Target

  • By Keywords in timeline
  • By Interest
  • By Device
  • By Location
  • By Gender
  • Similar to existing


  • Ask a question
  • Use Images
  • Put text on the images
  • Top Tips
  • Lead generation cards
  • Tweet Activity Report monitoring
  • Refine Targeting with Followers reports


  • Forget Google Adwords
  • Be Clear on your Goals
  • Target the Right People
  • Create & Promote Great Content



 Slides from the presentation below:



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