Text Advertising on the Google Display Network – International Search Summit

Text Advertising on the Google Display Network – International Search Summit

18th May 2011

This session covered the best practises for the display network and was presented by Biren Kalaria from Google.

Reach consumers at scale through YouTube, Blogger, DoubleClick and various publisher networks. Use Ad Planner to optimise these opportunities.

Google reaches 79% of the Europe population in the display network. There are typically 501 ad exposures per user per month. Average CTR is 0.07% on display whereas GDN text receives is closer to 0.37% when contextually targeted. Contextual targeting of text ads achieves good CTR across most verticals. CPCs are typically very low.

Cost per Acquisition is typically lower in the display network than it is in search. In the UK it was 10% lower, DE was 17% lower and FR was 12% lower. This was for accounts that used the same Adwords campaign for search and display which isn’t best practise.

Remarketing CPA is 7X lower than search therefore very powerful across the display network.

Things on their way:

1) Behavioural targeting
2) Demographic targeting – combining gender and age groups into your display campaigns
3) Similar users – people that have similar browsing patterns to your re-marketing lists
4) Audience insights – gender and age groups of the re-marketing lists and your text ads in display

6 Steps to success:

1) Prioritise contextual targeting and re-marketing
2) Separate your campaigns from search, display and targeting types
3) Build appropriate keyword lists – don’t expect a search based campaign to translate to GDN based campaigns
4) Use your best performing ad text
5) Bidding and budgeting – set higher initial bids, allow two weeks for data to normalise
6) Optimise based on performance


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Louis Venter is the founding director and CEO of MediaVision, a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company specialising in all areas of search. His particular interests are organic search marketing, paid search marketing, conversion strategy and online PR.
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