Thank You Editors!

Thank You Editors!

17th September 2014


As you may have noticed, today is our birthday, our first birthday! And as you might know, the first year is always the toughest year. Everything is new and growing pains are felt througout.

That’s why I feel really lucky to have help running State of Digital. Lots of help! Off course we have a great blogging team, a team which I am very grateful for. Every single blogger I consider to be part of my digital family. We are not just a group of bloggers happening to write for the same website, we are definitely a team, which shows in our private Facebook Group where we communicate about the website. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, you haven’t seen my blogging webinar ;-).

So a big thanks goes out to the blogging team, but today, on our first birthday, I’d like to highlight a group from within the blogging team who have been helping me a lot in the past year, the editorial team.

The editorial team not only makes sure the posts get published, they help think about the future plans, work on them and most importantly, they make me think. They challenge what I say and bring in exciting new stuff. I can truly say that without them, there would be no State of Digital today.

So let me thank them personally, ladies first!

sam-nobleSam Noble

There is nobody else I should be starting with than Sam. Sam has been my right-hand for the last year, helping out on all sorts of different things, from organising bloggers to organising events, she had a say in a lot of things. And to think that at the same time she was raising a small cute boy and working at Koozai. In her little bit of spare time she helped out me (and State of Digital) a LOT, so a BIG thank you in in order, thanks Sam!!!

Say thank you to Sam:

[Tweet “Thank you @koozai_sam for all your work on one year of State of Digital!”]

Jackie-HoleJackie Hole

Jackie is the ‘special one’ in our team, I consider her a friend and also someone who can reflect on how things go and then be very direct. She has qualities that I miss so that makes her extremely useful to have around, to ave someone who can put some reflection on things is very useful. And since isn’t afraid to speak her mind, she challenges me as well! Thank you for ‘listening’ Jackie!

Say thank you to Jackie:

[Tweet “Thank you @jackiehole for all your work on one year of State of Digital!”]

jo-turnbullJo Turnbull

Jo runs the events section on State of Digital and who else than Jo is more fit to do so, because she has been on the other side of events (the organising side) for several years now. We are happy that Jo is back from ‘down under’ in the UK, makes it a lot easier and a lot more fun as well :).

Say thank you to Jo:

[Tweet “Thank you @SEOJoBlogs for all your work on one year of State of Digital!”]

sarah-bradley-250-bwSarah Bradley

Our about-to-be-mum Sarah Bradley is the ‘sweetheart’ of the team. She is just SO nice! With her social background she brings in social knowledge and network which broadens what we do a lot. Sarah has a ‘free’ role in the team, but is always there when you call her for help!

Say thank you to Sarah:

[Tweet “Thank you @SarahMBradley for all your work on one year of State of Digital!”]

annabel-hodgesAnnabel Hodges

Although Annabel stepped down as editorial team member a few months back I don’t want to leave her out here, since she has been part of the team and a great help before that. Being all the way down in Australia makes it difficult to ‘sync’ agenda’s, but Annabel has done her part on getting stuff live and shared! We would though love to actually see you in person again soon Annabel!

Say thank you to Annabel:

[Tweet “Thank you @annie_bels for all your work on one year of State of Digital!”]

louis-venterLouis Venter

Over to the guys! Louis has been with us from the start of State of Search, and that feels like a very long time ago! With State of Digital he is the big help behind the scenes. Though his agenda isn’t always ‘ready’ for posting duties, he has played a very big role in the technical part, organising the hosting for example. A huge thanks to Louis as well, hope to see you soon mate!

Say thank you to Louis:

[Tweet “Thank you @louisventer for all your work on one year of State of Digital!”]

barry-adamsBarry Adams

Finally Barry. Oh Barry, you won’t get a more passionate person. The fun thing with Barry is that we can have ‘heavy’ debates in public, but we still will be friends after. Barry is the ‘pepper’ we need. Next to being one of the most loyal persons out there, he will do whatever he can to make things work for you. I would not have an editorial team without ‘a Barry Adams’ in it. And we have the orginal ;-).

Say thank you to Barry:

[Tweet “Thank you @badams for all your work on one year of State of Digital!”]

Russell_OSullivan_StateofDigitalA new face

Finally I’d like to introduce a new face to our editorial team. From this week on Russell O’Sullivan is joining the editorial team. We are very excited to have him on board so a thank you in advance for what you will be doing Russell!

But off course we thank the entire team

Now, I’ve highlighted the editorial team, but a big thanks does go out to the entire blogging team of State of Digital, who have done some amazing things, just see the video below, let’s thank them all (you can add the one you like best if you want 😉 ):

[Tweet “Thank you blogging team of State of Digital!”]

And finally, to show you how amazing our team is, here’s a video from Neil Walker (we had another one from another blogger, but we’re keeping that for ourselves 😉 ).


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