Thanksgiving Day 2012 logo from Google

Thanksgiving Day 2012 logo from Google

22nd November 2012

Today only on the American homepage of Google the company placed a special doodle to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It’s a quite large logo this time but static, last year Google placed an animated turkey on the homepage. As a visitor you could decorate the turkey (see image on the right) and share the result with friends via a link or on Google+, this was the first time Google used a doodle to promote Google+. Google kept the turkey for 48 hours on the homepage and a copy can be found on this page along with all the other logos used since 1998.

This year Google is also promoting Google+ along with the doodle but in an other way. Below the logo the text ‘Hang out with the whole family this Thanksgiving.’ is placed to promote the Hangout function from the social network which could come in handy in these days. The link points to a special Google Inside Search page made for Thanksgiving Day. Here you can find tips on how Google can help you with the holiday like for example searching for recipes and flight status.

The Thanksgiving Day doodle below, happy Thanksgiving to all our American Readers!

Thanksgiving doodle from Google 2012


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