The battle of the UK blogs

The battle of the UK blogs

5th February 2011

In the shadow of the battle between Bing and Google there is another battle going on this week. On the Toprankblog from Lee Odden (we interviewed him about his SES talk last week) UK blogs are battling for a top spot in the list of 35 UK Online Marketing Blogs. And it’s a fierce battle.

I have seen many polls, but this one is a very interesting one. First of all the fierce battle which is going on. Lee promised to do ‘something’ with the top 5, but after a week it is far from sure who will be in that top 5. At this specific moment we take the fifth position, but in an hour we could just as well be 1st or 10th. (We can sure use your vote 😉 ).

Second, the amount of high quality blogs on there made me realize how many great blogs there are in Europe. This is only the UK and if you look at the comments, the 35 there clearly aren’t all of them. And Europe off course doesn’t stop at the UK. There are many great blogs in Germany for example and the Spanish, Italians and Dutch are also publishing great content. We are definitely not doing that bad in Europe!

It made me think whether or not we should gather a list of all the European blogs, a page per country, right here on State of Search. What do you think, would you as State of Search reader like that? If so we can start gathering. Send in your favorite blogs from your country to webmaster @ and we’ll start making the lists.

For now I’d suggest you take a look at that great list. And while you are there, please leave a vote for us… 🙂

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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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